Dr. Jonas Harrow

AKA: Since messing about with Spider continuity caused a number of historical glitches with resulting hysteria-induced resurrections of long dead characters to place the blame on, Harrow was briefly and incomprehensibly one of several people in the running for the title of "the original Hobgoblin," formerly held by the late Ned Leeds. Fortunately he was just a red herring, although it does beg the question of why he cared about the identity of the original Hobgoblin in the first place...
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 114, sorta. Hammerhead flashes back to his "re-birth" after being beaten half to death, vaguely recalling the doctor that put him back together. Harrow made it into same-time continuity with Amazing Spider-Man 126.
What's His Problem? A surgeon discredited and ostracized for his unusual experiments, Harrow's first attempt in the world of criminal make-overs was re-constructing the badly-crushed skull of Hammerhead. Later he altered the Kangaroo's physique so that Kangy's jumping abilities were organic; the operation was a success but the patient died during his first post-operative criminal endeavor. Blaming Spider-Man for his inability to keep his criminals in line and alive, Harrow sic'd Will O'Wisp on the Wall-Crawler. Will O'Wisp drew the line at murder, however, and Harrow's plans to obtain "the power" were once again foiled.

Abilities: Like most mad geniuses, Harrow is astonishingly multi-talented. Not only an expert surgeon, he is a machine smith of no small talent, constructing a "mental pacemaker" to control his later creations, and a "response variator ray" to wreck havoc at the Daily Bugle by lifting everyone's inhibitions. After that, he vanished from the Marvel universe (with the exception of an abortive jail break in Amazing Spider-Man 219) until suddenly resurfacing just in time to become a prime suspect in the Hobgoblin Lives mini-series despite never being previously associated with any of the Goblins...
Favorite Quote: "After years of experimenting, Jonas Harrow has developed a device which will drive men mad!" (Amazing Spider-Man 206. I think the good doctor may have tried the ray on himself one too many times...)
Heroes He Keeps Running Into: Harrow couldn't get away from Spider-Man, even though originally he had no plans of confronting Spidey at all.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: None of his criminal constructs were very fond of him, and there is no sign that there is anyone or anything more important in Harrow's life than his own staggering ego.
Most Despicable Act: Turning his experimental ray on the Daily Bugle to clinically observe the results. Although no one was hurt thanks to the presence of Peter Parker, the potential for mass destruction and mayhem was certainly there.

Jonas Creates Harrowing Mug Shots!

Amazing Spider-Man 114

Amazing Spider-Man 126

Amazing Spider-Man 168

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