Doctor Octopus

Real Name: Otto Octavius
AKA: The Master Planner
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 3
Died In: Spectacular Spider-Man 221, the end of the otherwise pretty cool Web of Death four parter. But he's feeling much better now...
What's His Problem? Otto created a harness with mechanical arms, using it to safely manipulate toxic materials from a distance. When he became physically and mentally fused to these arms after a freak industrial accident, the formerly mild-mannered Octavius became the infamous criminal mastermind known as Doctor Octopus. His sanity after the accident has been strongly questioned, much to his personal annoyance.
Abilities: An authority on nuclear radiation and atomic theory, Doctor Octopus controls his four extra arms mentally. With them, he is capable of performing several tasks simultaneously. He can also use them to scale walls, to stalk over cars, and to knock your average Arachnid super-hero senseless. Whether or not the arms are permanently grafted onto Otto's body sorta depends on the writer; Doc has been shown sitting in prison sending mental commands to his far-away arms despite the general consensus that removal of the arms would be terminal for the Doctor. (As for the fluctuating weight thing...hey, maybe he's a binge eater and a crash dieter).
Favorite quote: "I remember unmasking a considerably younger Peter Parker many years ago. For reasons which I now forget, I refused to believe that you were truly Spider-Man! It's almost funny how easily reality can be manipulated to assume any appearance." (Spectacular Spider-Man 220, where a introspective Doc Ock works to save a comatose Peter Parker despite their long and bitter history. Oh, and Spidey had a nasty flu virus in Amazing Spider-Man 12 and was easily defeated by Octopus, leading to the Doctor's mistrust of Parker's double life despite the evidence of his own eyes ... in case you were wondering).
Heroes He Kept Running Into: As complex and intertwined as the Marvel Universe is, Doc Ock still managed to keep true to his original adversary, Spider-Man. He occasionally crossed paths with other heroes in the early days, and even led one incarnation of the Masters of Evil, but the Webbed One remains both his personal and professional nemesis.
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Aunt May, who always assumed Doctor Octavius was being persecuted for his genius by the authorities, almost married the guy and retained a soft spot for him for many years. Octopus was also well thought of as an organizer by the criminal community at large, resulting in the repeated formation of the Sinister Six, a group of Spidey villains determined to bring down the Webslinger, and its spin-off team, the Sinister Seven. A partnership with the Black Cat soured, leading to Doc's obsessive determination to obliterate her. His maniacally devoted girlfriend, Stunner, thought he was the only worthwhile man on the face of the planet -- unfortunately for them both, her virtual 'death' was the only path to his resurrection.
Most Despicable Act: His most famous D.A. was in Amazing Spider-Man 90, Doctor Octopus' actions resulted in the crushing death of Captain Stacy, friend of the Parker family and father of Peter's girlfriend Gwen. The good doctor is not above deliberate death; numerous prison guards have met their demise during his various prison breaks, and the Black Cat barely survived Doc's companionship.

Octopus Mug Shots!

Amazing Spider-Man 3

Amazing Spider-Man 12

Amazing Spider-Man 55

Amazing Spider-Man 131

Spec. Spider-Man 78

Spec. Spider-Man 221

Octopus Sound Bytes!

From Spider-Man: The Animated Series. All sounds in .wav format.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Otto Octavius."

"Spider-Man is ... Peter Parker?"

"I have no time for childish games!"

"I am no petty hireling. I am a scientist!"

"Spider-Man won't know what hit him!"

"Where can an inane arachnid aberration such as you be going in such a hurry?"

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