one of the 6 townships of Bury Metro
Bury Radcliffe Whitefield Prestwich Tottington Ramsbottom
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"Historical and Genealogical Information for the Greater Manchester Region Anciently Known as the Salford Hundred"

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On 1st of April 1974 Local Government Boundaries were extensively reorganised.

This was the begining of BURY Metropolitan Borough.

Though this is the official listing, in reality the district covers a whole host of ancient townships whose names should not be forgotten and are listed here for posterity (along with others in the area now under other Local Authorities, but which may be of interest)

Affetside Bury Tottington-Lower Bury
Ainsworth Middleton Ainsworth Bury
Alkrington Prest/Oldham Alkrington Rochdale
Ashworth Middleton Ashworth Rochdale
Baldingstone Bury WalmersIey Bury
Bamford (part) Bury Heap Rochdale
Bamford (part) Middleton Birtle-cum-Bamford Rochdale
Besses o'th Barn Prest/Oldham Pilkington Bury
Birch Middleton Hopwood Rochdale
Birtle Middleton Birtie-cum-Bamford Rochdale
Brooksbottom Bury Walmersley Bury
Burrs Bury Waimersley Bury
Bury Bury Bury Bury
Chadderton PrestlOldham Chadderton Oldham
Chapelfield PrestlOldham Pilkington Bury
Chatterton Bury Tottington-Higher Bury
Cockey Moor Middleton Ainsworth Bury
Cowpe Bury Cowpe Rossendale
Crimble Bury Heap Rochdale
Crompton PresUOldham Crompton Oldham
Edenfield Bury Tottington-Lower Rossendale
Elton Bury Elton Bury
Fall Bank Bury Tottington-Lower Rossendale
Freetown Bury Bury Bury
Helmshore to be continued (May'99)

Links to other local towns & metros that might be of interest

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The owner of this web page was born and bred (some ut se drug up bit scruf ut neck) in Radcliffe in 1948. Originally from Bank Top (Hagside), moving to Spring Lane at the start of school (Radcliffe Parish Church School, Bury Street), ending up on Bolton Road estate before moving to wedded bliss! on the Cams Lane estate in 1973. (A little bit of Radcliffe history in his own right!)