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  • Thinking Ethically: A Framework for Moral Decision Making by Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer. The authors provide a broad perspective for thinking through moral issues by covering five major approaches developed by philosophers: Utilitarianism, Rights, Fairness or Justice, Common-Good and Virtue. With an understanding of these five approaches as a foundation, the article concludes with five key questions to ask when ethical problem solving.
  • A Framework For Universal Principles of Ethics, by Larry Colero, Crossroads Programs Inc. This article defines basic principles for making ethical decisions in both your personal and professional life. These principles are divided according to three basic categories: Personal (ex. "Trustworthiness & honesty"), Professional (ex. "Confidentiality") and Global (ex. "Society before self / social responsibility"). The article continues with a discussion on how to effectively apply the principles.
Publications and Associations
Individual Ethics
  • Halliburton Summary of Code of Business Conduct
    This online booklet for Halliburton employees provides detailed focus on avoiding conflicts of interest, fraud and bribery, maintaining confidentiality on proprietary information and other ethical issues.
Government Regulation
Corporate Responsibilities to Customers
  • National Consumers League "The National Consumers League represents consumers on issues of concern such as child labor, fair labor standards, telemarketing fraud, health care, food and drug safety, financial services, energy, environment, and telecommunications."
  • Better Business Bureau The BBB encourages its business members to provide good service to their customers. Consumers can call the BBB to find out if a business is a member and what complaints, if any, have been registered with the BBB about a business. The BBB also helps to resolve disputes between consumers and member businesses.
Company Profiles
  • Business Ethics with a Managerial Emphasis Select from a variety of case studies covering ethical dilemmas where you are the manager or executive who must make a decision. Among the topics covered:
    • Do you pay a bribe or lose business in a foreign market?
    • How many hours would you ask your salaried employees to-work beyond a 40-hour workweek?
    • What do you do when employees state that their religious-commitments conflict with some work commitments?
    • Do you continue to manufacture a product that can potentially-save lives, but also leaves your company vulnerable to large lawsuits if the product doesn't work?
  • Business Ethics with a Non-Managerial Emphasis Take an ethics "quiz" about different situations you might face on the job. Work through a case study where you decide what to do if your boss alters his performance numbers to look good. Choose your course of action in a scenario where you cannot afford a drug that may save your spouse's life.
  • Government Regulation of Cyberspace After reading some background material about the issues surrounding government regulation of materials posted on Web sites, state your own position about what the government should or should not do.