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Some examples from McDonald's report on their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility:

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SOURCE: http://www.mcdonalds.com/corporate/social/report/index.html

McDonald's inaugural Social Responsibility Report, issued April 15, 2002, provides information about pertinent aspects of our business related to the communities we serve, the environment, our people, and our relationships with suppliers.

The report reflects our progress through the end of 2001and presents a snapshot of our company as it was on April 15, 2002. Forward-looking statements included in the report reflected management's expectations regarding future events and our future performance as of April 15, 2002.

Since that time, McDonald's has continued to launch new initiatives and make changes to our business. These developments, together with the uncertainties inherent in forward-looking statements, mean that programs and results in the future may differ from those envisioned as of April 15, 2002.


SOURCE: http://www.mcdonalds.com/corporate/social/report/index.html



"Is McDonald’s committed to social responsibility?" This is a fundamental question about our business and our values that we are glad to answer.

Yes, McDonald’s is committed to social responsibility. We are committed to doing the right thing. We want to make a positive difference in the world.

"Corporate social responsibility is achieving commercial success in ways that honor ethical values respect for COMMUNITIES, the natural ENVIRONMENT, and PEOPLE."

 - (defined by) Business for Social Responsibility, non-governmental organization whose mission is to promote corporate social responsibility

MORE TO DO: McDonald’s has worked with BSR to develop a comprehensive approach to social responsibility, to define key issues, and to identify key stakeholders and partnerships in helping McDonald’s find solutions.

We support environmentally sustainable practices …and since 1990, we have purchased more than $4 billion of recycled products and reduced packaging by more than 400 million pounds.

McDonald’s aspires to be the best employer in each community around the world …and we are pleased to have been named "The Best Company to Work For," in Brazil," The Best Developer of People Company" in Sweden, and 1999 "Employer of the Year" in Australia.


IMMUNIZATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES A $5 million grant to UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) will fund the immunization of one million African children and their mothers against maternal and neonatal tetanus, a disease that kills 600 infants a day in developing countries.


  • McDonald’s purchases approximately 80% of our supplies and services from within country sources. For instance, McDonald’s Colombia uses 350 regional suppliers.

  •  In the U.S., McDonald’s purchases more than $3 billion annually from women and minority-owned businesses.


In partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund, McDonald’s USA has made significant packaging changes, including switching to recycled, unbleached carry-out bags and using recycled content in napkins, Happy Meal boxes, trayliners, and shipping boxes. Most of these changes have been adopted globally.


McDonald’s and our suppliers have worked extensively to find ways to streamline packaging. For  example, since 1990, McDonald’s USA has eliminated approximately 200,000 tons of packaging by redesigning items including straws, napkins, cups, fry cartons, and other packaging items.



  • We give back to the communities in which we do business. We are a local business. We must be leaders in social responsibility. Our customers view us by the positive influence we have on the neighborhood, its people, and the environment.

  • We are dedicated to providing customers unparalleled levels of Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value.

  • We are committed to our people.

  • We believe in the "three-legged stool", the partnership of our owner/operators, employees, and suppliers working together.

  • We are committed to franchising.

  • We believe in a decentralized management approach.

  • We lead through innovation.

  • We approach all aspects of our business with honesty and integrity.

  • We hold ourselves to the highest possible ethical standards.

  • We grow the business for our shareholders



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