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Mission Statements
Mission Statement is Important Part of Organizations by Ken Harter, University of Wisconsin. Definition of a mission statement, its purpose, the benefits of preparing it and the components of an effective mission statement.

Corporate Mission Statements by Leann Cardani, University of St. Francis. The author summarizes: "I will define mission statements, specify their importance, discuss important factors of mission statements, and give a process to follow in their development."

Business Plan Newsletter: Mission Statement by BizPlanit. Why the mission statement is so important, the target audiences and general guidelines.

Setting Goals
  • The dangers of goal setting by Gilda Dangot-Simpkin, Dynamic Development. Discussion of the problems resulting from not effectively setting goals based on three key criteria: specific, realistic and mutually determined. For example, "increasing productivity" is too vague, but managers should select meaningful measures of productivity that serve to motivate and focus employees in the right direction.
  • Above and Beyond by Robert McGarvey, Entrepreneur Magazine, February, 1997. This article builds a case for setting "stretch goals"—tough, but attainable. It continues with how to define the goal so it meets important criteria: quantifiable, long-term goals broken down into weekly or monthly milestones and continual monitoring of progress. The last section explores how to build commitment by employees to the goals. One approach: "Level with your people about why the goal is critical."
  • Management by Objectives

    Management by Objectives

    • Planning and Goals Setting for Small Business by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Comprehensive coverage of Management by Objectives:

      • Six requirements of effective MBO programs.
      • Steps for developing an MBO program, such as defining your business.
      • Setting Goals in four different categories: regular work goals, problem-solving goals, innovative goals and development goals.
      • How to devise a work plan for developing goals, including a sample form.
      • Progress reports.
      • Evaluating performance, including a sample form and a comparison between traditional and MBO evaluation methods.
      • Four reasons why MBO programs fail to reach their potential.
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