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Sarah* - 08/11/00 23:07:21
My Email:sac04@hotmail.com
Council: 7 lakes
ashley, hey great job on the page..i think everything turned out awesome...and the guestbook looks good now..great job to all of you guys..we're finally done! :

Weedie - 07/31/00 15:48:35
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/weeds_18848
My Email:weedie@hardrockers.com
Council: Seven Lakes
Yeah it's me, trying to get the guestbook working right! I'm almost there. I hope everyone likes this! Awards are soon!

beanie - 07/30/00 15:20:44
My Council:7 lakes
it was a blast thanks

Jenny - 07/26/00 17:18:30
My URL:don't have one
Looks good!!!! Do u want me to send you captions for the fashion show pics? not who but what they're wearing. It's up to you I guess. August 2nd!!!!! Can't wait!! If you need anything else for the page- u know how to get me. ttyl

Sean - 07/24/00 21:09:20
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/sbovier

After helping you work on the site i deceided to sign the guestbook.

jenn - 06/14/00 01:27:24
My Council:seven lakes
My URL:this would be my one and only!!!!
ONLY 2 DAYS!!! AAGH!!! I think we'll do good, ttly prolly at band camp bright and early tomorrow morning!!!

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