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May God richly bless you
May his face shine upon you ..
May he show you your worth
not as is seen by man
But as is seen through his grace-filled eyes

May you always see others as God sees them
May his love abide in you
as he abides in you
May his peace fill you
and the holy spirit overflow in your heart
Let fountains of Joy fill your soul.
For you are ever loved by him.

In times of quietness
May you listen to his ever still voice
as he whispers peace be still
the storm must obey his voice
The birds of the air are in his hands
as is all that lives
But yet you are more precious than rubies
of more value than his own life

For he gave his all for his treasure
Holding back nothing from you
He said you are my beloved
You are of more worth than you will ever know
Touching the hearts of God's people
And drawing others to his loving presents

Do not be discouraged in times of quietness
Our God is communicating with your heart
He is calming your storms
and removing the things that life has placed there
Rest in his arms and listen to his quiet call
seek him in this quiet hour and know
That he is still there.

(written by Patricia Pendergrass)
copyrights @2001-2002 all rights researved
Peace Be Still
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