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Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative Coalition Back Room

The central site for all your Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative Coalition information. This site was created in order to take the pulse of the Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative coalition, movement and leadership. We are home to all former and current Progressive Conservatives, Democratic Representatives, Canadian Alliance, and Bloc Quebecois members who want to reunite the old Mulroney Majority Progressive Conservative Party of 1984-1993 into a Conservative Party of Canada united East to West from sea to sea. Unlike the official position of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada's protectionist agenda, we believe in a united country where all five regions of Ontario, Quebec, Eastern (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island), Western (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) and North (Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and Nunavut) have provincial rights seperate of the country, a right to hold distinct society within their regions and a say in what Canada does. All Tories figthing against the true and real enemy of the Canadian Conservative: The Liberal Party of Canada and its grimy, greasy Grits. It is not an official Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative Caucus site, nor does it support any particular unite the right politicial movement or leadership candidate.

It was created by grassroots supporters of the Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative Coalition as a way to offer all other Centre to Right Tories, as well as all Canadians, the chance to voice their opinions on who should be the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative Coalition, soon to be the East-West united Conservative Party of Canada with two seperate caucuses: Reformed West caucus led by Preston Manning, Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper type Reformed West conservatives and Progressive East caucus led by Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Charest, Joe Clark and Peter MacKay type Progressive East conservatives. The site is intended to be interactive. If you have any comments, information, websites or forum to link this site to with its function to allow users to see which Canadian Conservative Coalition candidate they should support nationally per province per riding or if those parties involved constitutions allow, would like to help a riding elect a jointly agreed Canadian Conservative Coalition unite the right candidate in the next election, this is the right site to announce it, make it known from coast to coast and get them elected.

Split after the 1993 fiasco where Campbell fumbled the Mulroney ball ino Liberal hands, things have not been the same since. After the 1997 election, the Reform Party of Canada has realized the need to unite the right across the country, thanks to Manning, and their need to start the process. In 1998, Reform started talks within their party to merge with the Tories, in 1999, Reform decided to start the United Alternative and dissolve their party and in 2000, the United Alternative, formed with members from the Reform Party and Blue Tory Progressive Conservatives to finally unite the right, became the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance and Manning was replaced with Day. One problem, Clark refused to work with the majority of Canadian Conservatives to join the unity plan under the United Alternative then would not join the other unity plan under the Canadian Alliance. Finally, in 2002, Clark denied for the third time a working agreement for a cooperative coalition with Harper after the failed of his Progressive Conservative Democratic Representative Caucus project. This was the last straw from many Tory loyalists who decided enough was enough, the time was right to get back to their original conservative roots, a movement where Joe must go was created in advance of the Edmonton Convention. But soon, he felt the heat, offered his resignation and started a an unofficial leadership race for 2003.

Peter MacKay says the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance is "" with other press quotes like "I want to make something very clear, I am not a merger candidate." and this only a week after Peter repeated calls for better co-operation with the Canadian Alliance in early January even after the rank and file delegates rejecting the position at the Edmonton convention. This isn't the first flip-flop in 2003 for him, MacKay stated he would join disgruntled firearms owners and not register his shotgun, as an outspoken opponent of Ottawa's controversial gun registry then changed his mind a day later and said he would abide by the federal law requiring the registration of all rifles and shotguns. Despite making anti Alliance statements, Peter does have the support of the most Reform like MP in his caucus, Deputy Leader Elsie Wayne, and is using much of his law and order policy from the Alliance, David Orchard calls the Alliance ... with members in and out of the Tories saying they know John A and he is not John A but has policies exactly identical to John A's, Scott Brison gives the Alliance ... "Scott Brison is known to borrow Alliance and Reform policy, and then, when he's elected, spend the next four years denigrating it." said Sid Sellars of Kings-Hants, Jim Prentice makes the Alliance merger look the most possibel but then gives the press these type of quotes "The Canadian Alliance as a political force in this country has come to an end and is dead.", "Western Canadians, particularly businesspeople, are no longer interested in protest politics." and "The Alliance supporter is mistaken by the call for a 'no-fly zone', we only met briefly and talk was only specific towards lowering the temperature, not in-House co-operation." despite making anti Alliance statements, Jim does have the support of the Alliance Justice Critic and MP Vic Toews and is using most of his coalition building policy from the Alliance, Andre Bachand pass the Alliance ... and is using most of his health care policy from the Alliance , both Heward and Craig feel they have to join the Tories

Yet the majority of these leadership race candidates concede that the Tories have virtually no chance of forming a government without some sort of coalition with the Alliance, so why not quit the split and unite the right? Egos, party loyalty and the kind of power and control that brings money and wealth to gain the popularity the Liberals have thanks to the Taxpayers of Canada and their much welcomed funds. And despite the numbers stating the majority of Canadian Conservatives are members of the Alliance and all seven are quite ignorant of Quebec, the French and their need for Bloc Quebecois to be represented in the Reformed-Progressive alliance-bloc, which obviously in their view is not to be and instead the Bloc Quebecois members pleas for seperatism according to the leadership candidates are seen as the insane ramblings of raving mad seperatist, not the voices of champions of provincial rights, democratic reform and fighters for one of five distinct societies in federalist Canada, as they want to be seen as by the Dominion. In that the Bloc Quebecois are as conservative as Newfoundland, Alberta, New Brunswick or British Columbia, all of which have pleaded for seperation sometime in the last decade but should be looked upon as calling for more rights for the provinces, a very conservative cause we can all agree upon. In short, we must unite in policy, principle and personality, as one Conservative Party of Canada in order for all seperate, and distinct, regions to be recognized as such under one big tent, flag and nation or else we all fail as a country, deserve to stay apart and die.

NEW! The Unite the Right campaign has been hampered with the Joe Clark Mushy Middle Absolute Centrism, Edmonton Convention 301 and the total rejection of the "Radioactive West" and the Radical French Quebec they would rather ignored and disappeared thus the Dominion under Peter MacKay so if the Progressive Conservative Party for the fourth and perhaps fifth time, coming before the next election is called, decide not to unite and fight alone again, please Canada, vote for the Conservative party in your riding (ie. if you are from the East, vote Progressive Conservative, if you are from the West, vote Canadian Alliance, if you are from Quebec, vote Bloc Quebecois and if you are from a Urban Ontario that went Tory in 2000, vote Progressive Conservative and if you are from Rural Ontario that went Reform in 2000, vote Canadian Alliance) that is if these former Canadian Conservative Coalition partners cannot unite by the next federal election lest we elect Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and John Manley type national Liberals by splitting the vote again.

Help Unite The Right and Stop Splitting The Vote

Canadian Conservative Coalition

Our Federal 2004 Election Slate


Canadian Alliance (CA) 178 projected of possible 301 Seats (59.2%) in the House of Commons
Progressive Conservatives (PC) 52 projected of possible 301 Seats (17.3%) in the House of Commons
Bloc Quebecois (BQ) 71 projected of possible 301 Seats (23.5%) in the House of Commons

Find your Riding's Canadian Conservative Coalition Federal 2004 Election Slate Candidate by Province here and stop the Liberal MP by joining as one and voting for the Canadian Conservative who garnered the majority of the Canadian Conservative vote in the 2000 election, current party membership and district candidate popularity.

To find your individual riding's Canadian Conservative Coalition Federal 2004 Election Slate Candidate by province, choose your province below, press submit and find the candidate in your riding we are supporting, whether they are Canadian Alliance, Progressive Conservative or Bloc Quebecois, to stop the split Canadian Conservative vote, start to unite the Canadian Conservative right and take the first step towards working for a united Conservative Party of Canada as The Right Honourable Sir John A. MacDonald gave us in 1867.

What's New?

The Progressive Conservative Tory Democratic Representative Coalition Back Room's final word on the Perth - Middlesex by-election, our views on how Ontario is a hostage when it comes to Canadian federal politics, and our solution to the united right/split vote problem with support for either, click here and find out who we back? (more...)

Craig Chandler is launching a plea for unity in the Perth Middlesex by-election, wants to launch a mass e-mail campaign to thousands of e-mails before voters hit the polls, and get Marian Meinen of the Canadian Alliance and Gary Schellenberger of the Progressive Conservatives to decide who is the conservative unity candidate so to end the vote split in the Backroom. (more...)

The Backroom has found out that the Progressive Conservatives' esteemed 301 rule doesn't affect byelections, according to Brian Pallister, and the unite the right experiment should have been tried in Perth-Middlesex, Stephen Harper would have but Joe Clark would not, why don't the Tories want a united right? (more...)

May Day, may day, may day, are you sick of the Liberal Majority Government in the House today, are you tired of the split vote across the country that allow those reds to squeek in, do you want a united right, well and Paul Albers agrees, has like you disliked the decade of death from 1993 to 2003 and they have opened up for business on the Premier Day of May. (more...)

Now we have a Unite the Right for Canadian Conservatives to Stop Splitting the Vote petition online that allows all Canadian Conservatives and other Peoples of Canada interested in uniting the right and stopping the split vote in the next federal election to sign, leave email, website address, riding, party and their own comment on the whole thing that has been ten years in the making this year! (more...)

So Tory Draft made the splash that has us on a wave but see behind the news in the archive to get a feel of the PC upstart wunderkinds behind the site which supports a party not working towards a united Canada but devolving into a marginalized regional base that will get smaller and smaller as Paul Martin gets bigger and bigger. (more...)

Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance thoughts on the Report on Democratic Reform and the Democratic Representative Association and Caucus. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada thoughts on the Report on Democratic Reform and the Democratic Representative Association and Caucus. (more...)

Unite The Right

The Canadian Conservatives Revolution is on and we must unite. This movement of common sense is leading the nation at with cutting edge technology. That's why Craig Pichach has the face of the nation and building a proud democracy in the 21st century is high on his priority list. (more...)

Neal E. Travez has the right idea with the Creating Coaltion Amongst Canadian Conservatives, a solution that forms a "Regional Disparity Coaliton Government" to restore the Mulroney Coalition of 1984 to 1993, which includes Western Canadian Alliance, Eastern Progressive Conservative and French Bloc Quebecois. (more...)

And the beat goes on according to the Free Dominion, Preston Manning, the former leader of the Reform Party representing the Western Canadian Alliance and Mike Harris, the former Ontario premier and leader of the Ontario Tories representing the Eastern Progressive Conservative, both made a new united effort to build a clear vision for small-c conservatives and Canada's split conservative movement. (more...)

The Eastern provinces and region has always been Progressive Conservative Tories of the Right, so why does Don Cayo of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies question the need to unite what right? (more...)

If the Canadian Alliance Grassroots wish for Tories to enter their united right perhaps they should have put more principles into their policy than their personality, I mean selecting a former Mulroney type Tory in Harper is great but did his team have to play the Stanfield to their popular populist former Diefenbaker type Tory in Day and create a debt free Et' tu, Brute situation "It's clearer and clearer by the day that the 'union' with the PCPC is less and less possible, not because of a lack of interest on the part of the Reform/Alliance, it is simple because there is no right to unite!". (more...)

We have had the neoconservative right wing governments of the centre province of Ontario climb the Roots of Change, jump into the Winds of Change and support lobby groups like the Progressive Group for Independent Business who call for less government equal lower taxes and that to ensure the future of Canada we must leave a financially, socially and democracy stable nation for Canada's youth. (more...)

DMOZ's featured news article at Uniting the Right is from the Canadian Brodcasting Corporation August 24, 2002 print on how the Tories reject unite-the-right motion stating "The federal Progressive Conservatives have put to bed early a question that some had predicted would hang over their national conference this weekend. They rejected a motion to join forces with the Canadian Alliance." Last chance, guys! (more...)

If you have a Unite the Right for Conservatives website, send it to us by email, to announce here at and make sure it is on DMOZ. (more...)

That's Your Opinion

Everybody has an opinion and so do all other federal and provincial conservatives like Mark Fournier and Connie Wilkins, this is a Free Dominion for all conservative, Reformers and Tories alike to share ideas. (more...)

Jack Davies, a loyal Blue Committee Tory supporter, thinks we should have a united right right now, before the Liberals make Canada a place their party owns and so does the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney himself, believe it or not. (more...)

The PC leadership thoughts brought out by Mike Wilson, a former Clifford Albert, current Andre Bachand delegate from Brampton Centre, who gives out mad props to the party are great but is he into the unite the right movement or not, find out? (more...)

Tory bloggers are out and about getting their thoughts out there, a unite the right leadership hopeful has his man Michael Watkins, a Jim Prentice delegate from Vancouver South-Burnaby, who has been highly critical of Stephen Harper, Canadian Alliance Opposition Leader, Tom Flanagan, Harper's chief of staff and director of operations, and the Canadian Alliance's unity offer for cooperation itself since the Edmonton Convention. (more...)

Always with a story to tell on the progressive side of conservative in this country is Da Draft. (more...)

Splitting The Votes

So the Decade of Liberals wasn't what Canada expected, Foundation for the Restoration of Democracy in Canada led by Stuart Starr agrees. Jean Chretien didn't make friends, did creat enemies and killed the reputations of many Members of Parliament from Victoria to St. John's so many, as you can forgive them, Won't Vote Liberal this time around even if it is Paul Martin this time. (more...)

Former Tory leadership candidate and current Alliance MP Brian Pallister wants to help bring us together on Common Ground. (more...)

If it takes us taking out Two Cards to get this unity thing done then current Tory leadership candidate and former Reform candidate Craig B. Chandler is on the right track. (more...)

Alright, the Progressive Conservative's Eastern Regional based Canadian Conservative Club from Fredericton, New Brunswick merge with the Reform Alliance's Western Regional based True Patriot from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan after the 1997 election just in time for 2000, why can't the parties? (more...)

When the canadian_conservatives, Alliance_Online, cayouth, AOL-Youth, opcya, PCYF-Online and cdn-firearms all aired the Canadian Tele Vision news that the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative riding associations in an urban Ontario constituency had agreed on 21 Conservative Values and Principles that would oust Liberal MP Allan Rock things were good, until the federal Tory party rained on the parade with Edomonton 301, we thought we would revisit the Etobicoke Centre idea. (more...)

The West and the East must work together, Ontario must strengthen its ties with Quebec and we must keep the True North's three territories strong and free. That is the impetus of this Canadian Conservative's 2001 essay, which started a clear vision of a democratic Canada for Canadian Conservatives and a start to a united Conservative Canada. (more...)

The Bring Back Brian camp, at the newly vindicated Tory site on the Perth-Middlesex byelection, on the Joe Clark Red Tories takeover of the true Blue Tory traditions saved by today's Canadian Alliance, arguing "there is no difference between the PC's and the Liberals". (more...)

Canada is in Gritlock right now but let's answer Peter White and Adam Daifallah, are the Liberals in forever? (more...)

Something Tories and Alliance members can agree on with Judy Cornwell, Stop, Expose and Dump Chretien, and soon Dump Martin, and later Dump Manley? (more...)

First, the United Alternative, then the Canadian Alternative and finally the Strong Alternative, will Forward Thinking be another Working Group on Democratic Reform or would it work? (more...)

This series of milestones in the unite the right movement by the CBC really isn't, actually it is a sad story of a few leaders in a few parties who would not budge and get past their own egos for the sake of the country, kind of sad. (more...)

If you have a Opposing Views against Liberals website, send it to us by email, to announce here at and make sure it is on DMOZ. (more...)

Coalition Inside Information

So do Joe Clark's last five years warrant this type of treatment where people are calling him Joke Lark, telling him it is time to go Joe and creating fake press releases by the Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahhaf, on Al-Shabab telling of great victories by going it alone in the next election? (more...)

What do those young turks at think, why is it like a weird mix between Pierre Bourque, Jerry Springer and Warren Kinsella over there and which direction are they taking us. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race DSM results per riding to riding up to the date of either Peter MacKay, David Orchard, Jim Prentice, Scott Brison, Andre Bachand, Heward Grafftey and Craig Chandler or this Undeclared taking control, making a mandate and working towards a united Canada. (more...)

Can anyone say the progressive Dief the Chief, the Conservative Party of Canada or the New Canada with the new site on the block, Patrick Smythe will and can? (more...)

Remember Election 2000 talking on the old Find Politics Tony Roy chat forum to get everyone to vote conservatively, those smoke filled back room days are back, make plans with PC and CA riding members about backing joint candidates, which campaign to support and which party to vote for on election night. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Tories

Our Progressive clan don't really like Reform, democratic or otherwise, but don't blame them folks, the Democratic Representatives experience turned Lisa MacLeod and Kent Glowinski off of change you can trust. (more...)

We members 45000 strong Tories gather here to have our say today, with a few Canadian Alliance, Bloc Quebecois and Liberal/New Democratic Party spies to boot. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada on Single Democratic Conservative Alternative. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada on Joint Candidates and Conventions. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada on Progressive Conservatives and Democratic Representatives Forgeting Canadian Conservatives. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada on Cooperation and Unity. (more...)

Progressive Conservative Party of Canada on Goodwill with Alliance. (more...)

Alliance Reform Democrats

Our Reformed brethern have some interesting ideas on democratic reform our Democratic Representatives gave us, maybe Trueman Tuck, Joseph A. Gamero and Jim Crewson believe it is a time for change in Canada. (more...)

We members 250000 strong Reformers gather here to have our say today, with a few Progressive Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois and Liberal/New Democratic Party spies to boot. (more...)

Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance on Single Democratic Conservative Alternative. (more...)

Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance on Joint Candidates and Conventions. (more...)

Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance on Progressive Conservatives and Democratic Representatives Forgeting Canadian Conservatives. (more...)

Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance on Cooperation and Unity. (more...)

Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance on Goodwill with Tories. (more...)

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