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Welcom to Trek Info
Hello and Welcome to Trek Info.
I have made this site to share information i have collected around the internet with everyone who has the same passion for a single subject. STAR TREK. On this site you will find pictures, sounds, and information on all star trek series.
I hope that you enjoy this site.
Feel free to use the pic's and info i have but if you could have a link to my web site it would be much appreciated. I have done the same with the other sites i have been to and used some of their pics.
I have also put on this site the story of Bell and Tyr. This story was created by some of my friends and myself. It was a role playing game we started on paper in school then it turned out to be a big story and has been going on for three years. I hope you enjoy the story. I will warn you a head of time. The story has been rated 'R' because there is heavy violence, minor sexual content, and some bad language. Although there isn't much of it i still wanted the readers to know.
Thanks and have fun.
Lindsay Horsman
aka bell_janeway
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Paramount own's all it's star trek stuff you guys know the other jazz. I'm not making any money of the site it's all for fun. The story of Bell and Tyr is Mine and my friends not paramounts or anyone else's. You can use any of the stuff on the site but please don't copy the Bell and Tyr story with out my saying so. 
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I am dedicating this website to my Grandpa Steeves, Grandpa Horsman, and my Great Aunt Ruby. My Grandpa’s were diagnosed with Cancer and passed away about 2 years ago. Now I have to report…sadly that my Great Aunt has also just past away with cancer. They were wonderful people and are and will always be missed. My love to them all, they changed my life and I consider them my greatest Heros. 

Love Lindsay Horsman
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