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Welcome to the unofficial web page of the Enterprise League of British Columbia! *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** We in the Enterprise League of British Columbia (The League) are a group of concerned B.C. citizens whose primary goal is to facilitate the merging of all enterprise-minded political parties into a single, unified, and supporable entity. This active groups consists of Executive Members, Candidates, and general members from the Liberal Party, Reform Party of B.C., Progressive Democratic Alliance, Social Credit Party, Family Coalition Party, and B.C. Conservative Party joining together in meetings to discuss the means to accomplish this goal and play a major role in the future elections in our province. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We believe the voters of British Columbia deserve a better government. A government that has the vision and the fortitude to change the way government meets the needs of the citizens, while keeping a tight control on costs. The only real solution is to defeat the NDP government by offering the citizens a single, unified, supportable enterprise-minded political party that can be elected as government. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Enterprise League of B.C. (ELBC) has for many weeks been preparing a base for achieving that goal. ELBC as it has progressed over these weeks is now accepted as the best vehicle with which we can proceed to fully develop the unified political party we desire. If all these parties in every region of the province join together in ELBC they will then have the vehicle in which they can jointly develop the Constitution, Objectives, and Principles for the unified party. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you read our Purposes you will find that true democracy is paramount, as are the rights and safety of citizens, as well as securing an atmosphere in which private enterprise and individuals can flourish. ELBC has endeavoured to take into account the needs and desires of each political party so that merging into one entity is simple, pleasing, professional, and beneficial to all for the good of the province. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would like to meet with Candidates, Executives, and interested memebers of all parties in your regions to discuss this fast growing group, and look forward to your speedy response as we continue informing like-minded people. *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** Please surf to the connecting web pages and let these parties know that you want all free enterprise parties in British Columbia to unite!

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PURPOSES OF THE ENTERPRISE LEAGUE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. NAME -- The name of the organization is Enterprise League of British Columbia (The League). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. PURPOSES -- 2.1 To provide currient political parties, party members, and individuals in British Columbia with the means to acheive their goal to have a single, unified organization that meets the objectives of all those British Columbians wanting an enterprise-minded government for that province. The League will act as the catalyst and the parent body for the merging of these political parties into a single organization (herin refered to as "The Party"). 2.2 To provide the organization structure whereby the merging parties have the time frame and constant communication with each other to facilitate a smooth merging. The League will be the basic body into which the individual parties first merge in orde to jointly complete the necessary organizational work prior to the legal transition into the duly registered, unified political party. 2.3 To ensure that the merging parties have all reasonable opportunity necessary to present changes or additions to these League Purposes, as well as to the draft Constitution, Purposes, Objectives, and Priciples of The Party which will be jointly developed to include, but not be limited to: (1) To operate as a political party only within the Province of British Columbia, with a mandate to establish true democratic principles, and an environment for private enterprise and individuals to develop and flourish. (2) To establish direct legislative democracy and representative government in the Province of British Columbia. (3) To establish, protect, and preserve certain inalienable rights of the citizens of British Columbia which rights will include but not be limited to life, liberty, justice, democracy, and the ownership of private property. (4) To place and preserve the interest of British Columbia and its people foremost in all matters. (5) To advocate initiative, referendum, recall, and government which is accountable to the people. (6) To establish these purposes through peaceful and democratic means. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. AMENDMENTS -- 3.1 The Founding Members of the League will consider any change or addition to these Purposes which are proposed by any merging party, providing such change or addition does not contravene these Purposes. *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** MEMBERSHIP in the ELBC can be obtained by sending your name, address, phone number, and an annual membership fee of $2.00 to: Enterprise League of British Columbia, #206-512 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, B.C. V2B 3H4 Phone: (250) 376-9501 Fax: (250) 376-8228 *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************************** This web page is run by Ryan Warawa, from Abbotsford, British Columbia. I am a proud member of Reform BC, the Reform Party of Canada, and the Enterprise League of B.C. E-mail me for more information! Last updated: 8 April 1997. 9:30 am.

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