Cross My Heart
"Joey D. loves Lucy A."
That's what the note said
Fifth grade
He's in her row, two seats behind
Ten years old, the torture never ends

One day at recess she pulls him aside
She's taking his hand
She looks in his eyes
She's stepping in close so no one can hear
Then she whispers in his ear, she says

Tell me all your secrets and I won't tell anybody
Pinky swear that I'm the one you love
When the world is dark
And you could swear you've got nobody
Look to the sky
It's written in the stars
Cross my heart

Time flies to graduation
They leave the party, take a drive
She keeps asking where they're going
He laughs and looks away
"It's a surprise"
Out on the playground, right where they stood
Down on one knee, he asks if she would
He gives her the ring and she starts to cry
It's the first night of the rest of their lives


Young love gets old real fast in a small town
When you think your life is passing you by
It kills him to let her go
But she wants to fly
So he gives her the wings
And tells her goodbye, baby goodbye

The train enters the station
Track 11 on the Philadelphia line
He was he's waiting
The people rush the doors
Some are laughing, some are crying
Up on the platform, he scans the crowd
He doesn't see her, he looks all around
The damn disappointment hangs like a shroud
Suddenly her voice rings out, he says