Everybody's Got A Story
Ya walk up to me and say, feel like I know ya baby
And then take a sip of your cherry coke now
Now who drinks a cherry coke?
Maybe you're nervous, I see that bead of sweat dancing on your cheek
Your words are like cheap champagne (cheap champagne)
I get the point but it's much too sweet
I'm so tired of the dance
This carousel of superficial conversation gets me nowhere

So you can see my bra underneath my shirt
Watch the wind underneath my skirt
But that ain't the picture it's just a part (oh, oh)
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart
See my eyes, don't see what I see
Touch my tongue, don't know what tastes good to me
It's the human condition that us apart (oh, oh)
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart
Ya, everybody's got a story that could break your heart

Now who can read the mind of the red headed girl next door?
Or the taxi driver who just dropped you off?
Or the, or the classmate that you ignore?
Don't assume everything on the surface is what you see
'Cause the classmate just lost her mother
And that taxi driver's got a PhD
I'm so tired of the fear that weighs us down with wrong assumptions
A broken heart's a natural function


So dig deep, dig deep
Deeper than the image that you see, dig deep
Lift the veil and let your true self breath, dig deep
And show the world the beauty underneath...underneath...