*   July 27/2003 - Lyrics for songs; "Don't Let It Bring You Down", "Just Love Me", "Castles Made Of Sand", "I'll Be Okay", and "This Could Take All Night", can be accessed from the Biography page. Not all of them are there yet, but soon they will be all posted.  I'll put them with the rest of the lyrics later.
*   August 8/2003 - The lyrics for the 5 songs below can now also be accessed from the CD's/DVD's page.
*   August 10/2003 - I added a sounds page with the song Everybody's Got A Story...more songs to come! I also added Various Images of Amanda and some non Amanda related. These features on the main page will later be put in their respective category called Cool Stuff later which can be accessed from the main page headings.
*    July 1/2003 - Amanda performed Everybody's Got A Story at around 1pm on CBC. She was on TV for about 5 minutes. Another great performance! =)
*   June 20/2003 - Amanda will be performing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario on Canada Day (July 1st, 2003) at noon on CBC.
*   August 29/2003 - Today's Amanda's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!
*   September 20/2003 - On September 5/2003 Global News caught Amanda and her mother Gencie Marshall picketing outside the private school in which she was a former secretary. She was recently fired from her job. The article is no longer on Global's canada.com website in the archives but I copied the text. Read HERE.
*   September 21/2003 - Amanda's Everybody's Got A Story CTV Special has been nominated for 2 Gemini Awards this year.
Best Music, Variety Program or Series - Amanda Marshall - Everybody's Got A Story
Best Photography in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series - Amanda Marshall - Everybody's Got A Story.
Check it out at
*   October 5/2003 - I came across another article in german on Amanda click here to see it. Also thanks to Aurelia I found another article on Amanda's mom's firing, click here to read that.
*   October 17/2003 - Amanda Marshall singles collection out Tuesday, November 25. It's entitled
"Intermission - The Singles Collection" Tracklisting will come soon!
*    October 25/2003 - The "Intermission - The Singles Collection" will feature TWO news songs from Amanda!
*    October 29/2003 - Tracklisting has been released and a note from Amanda...



Toronto - October 29, 2003 - On November 25th, Sony Music Canada will release Amanda Marshall's thrilling retrospective collection entitled; Intermission: The Singles Collection. This CD will feature all of Amanda Marshall's hits including; "Let It Rain," "Birmingham," "Fall From Grace," "Believe In You," "Dark Horse," "Sitting On Top Of The World" plus two brand new, unreleased tracks "Cross My Heart" and "Until We Fall In."

"This collection of songs, culled from my first 3 albums, is meant to represent a certain period of time that had a profound impact on me. From the first haunting chords of "Let It Rain" to the jubilance of "Believe In You"...the hopeful refrain of "Birmingham" to the joyful intimacy of "Marry Me"...these songs run the full range of human emotion and speak to the human condition," explains Amanda Marshall. "They tell stories in the amazing way that music does, and they represent the first chapter in my own development on a number of levels! If every education arms its' possessor with the tools necessary to make the next step, then this album is a musical diploma, of sorts...cap and gown optional, and you don't need a date for the dance. I have included 2 songs that have not been heard up until now, but which I think complete Act One nicely. I hope you like them, and that you enjoy this collection, this diploma, this...'Intermission.'"
*    November 15/2003 - The Sony Music Canada website has released a clip of Amanda's upcoming unreleased song called "Until We Fall In"...check it out!!
*   November 18/2003 - Amanda will participate in an online chat to celebrate the release of her album. It be hosted by www.sympatico.ca and will begin at 7pm ET on November 25th. Also Amanda will be on Mike Bullard on Wed, Nov 26th, at 12:05pm ET on Global.
*   November 22/2003 - Amanda will be hosting World Aids Day on PrideVision TV on Dec. 1.
Click here for more info about it.
*   November 26/2003 - Amanda will be on Canada AM tomorrow morning to perform her new single.
* December 17/2005 - Amanda has two new pictures out from a variety show in Toronto, ON. Go to http://us.imdb.com and search for Amanada Marshall...then look under photo gallery on the left side panel.