Trust Me (This Is Love)
I look at this mountain
So many heartaches wide
And I can't help but wonder
Where's the other side

I've got to be honest
I've got my doubts
These tears are asking me
What's this got to do with love?
Baby, I'll tell you something
To help us through this long, dark night

When this trouble passes over
You and I will walk away
Knowing that our love survived
Another test of faith
You and I can walk on water
The river rises, we rise above
It may not look that way right now
But trust me, baby...this is love

Love isn't easy
I'm torn, I confess
When a heart is uncertain
It's bound to second guess, yeah, yeah
This love won't forsake us
So dry your tears I promise you


I'm here for you baby
There's nothing I want more, no no
Our day is coming
And we'll reach that peaceful shore


One more mountain what?
Trust me baby....this is love
Oh, yes it is baby
Oooh, oooh, oooh...
Yeah, yeah...
This is love, baby
Ooooh, oooh...etc...
This is love...oh baby
When this trouble passes over...