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Canadian Grass Records is a new branch of the Winnipeg music tree, with leaves that include Rock, Funk, Folk, Punk, World Fusion, Blues, and Jazz. Canadian Grass acts include, NONE THE WISER, PHILLY AND THE BLUNTS, STRAIGHT JACKIT, FONK DuBOIS, The Aaron Frank relaxation station and THE CANADIAN GRASS ALL STARS SUPER DOOPER BACKWARDS MAGICAL JAM TROOOP.
All those involved with CGR are in the forefront of every winnipeg audience along with you, because we are all primarily FANS of music. So join us and support all art taking place everywhere in the surrounding world. Be open to new sounds, sights and ideas.
Nov 12 P&B w/ BSC @ The annex Theater above ragpickers in the exchange

-Shine thru rain music and art festival was a huge huge success. Everyone had a wonderfull time, including the bands who all rocked major ass. Capture the flag was a huge ass fun event, as well as frizbee golf. The stage and sound was unreal, big thanks to ROB and Tommy for the great sound, lights ,stage and pics. Thanks to all the bands who blew our minds, and we hope to run into you all again before next year's festival.
-Philly and the blunts live disc to be realeased in December, just in time for the holydays, as well as P&B t-shirts available at CGR shows, or email philly,
-None the wiser's new line up, Chris Muirhead aka 'the muirball' is twirling steadily and has now been recruited by the boys of NTW. His face humping bass thumping is fitting in very well to the NTW sound. Aaron Johnson, (Lead vocalist & guitar player of Winnipeg punk-core band  Torrential Reign has also begun to jam with the band, and has a very good feel for the music, and is oh so very down with the NTW attitude. So watch out for a NTW set this winter.
-Straight Jacket is expanding with some dude muirball found busking outside the Toad on thursday I think his name is Matt? But they are still looking for a bass player for their epi-core band.
-Harrey Havey of The Aaron Frank Relaxation station is currently nursing an elbow injury he suffered while fighting a grizzly bear, we'll keep you posted on that.
-Fund raising for the re-construcion of Ruth Ruckess, a vintage 1980 Yamaha acoustic made from brazillian rosewood which was brutally massacered last may will begin as soon as we can figure out how to go about it. The esimated cost of repair is going to be around 2000$, but the guitar IS the most beautifull sounding, and looking guitar IN THE WORLD. Yeah, for real.
- The Canadian Grass Studios project is in the infant stages, but is moving along, funding and organization projects are in the works, so the wheels are turning slowly but steadily. CRS should be running by early 2007.


CGR est un nouveau  branche de l'arbre musical de Winnipeg, avec les feuilles de Rock, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, world beat, Punk, et Folk, avec les groupes commes : None the wiser, Philly and the blunts, Funk Dubois, The Aaron Frank Relaxation station, DR. Funkhound's twisted planet, The Canadian Grass Records All stars super duper backwards magical Jam Troop, et Straigh Jacket. Tout les membres de CGR est primarlement les ecouteurs de music, alors, ils sent tous au spectacle avec toi. CGR est en suppourt de tout l'arte dans le monde qui nous nous donne un habitat, et est toujours intereser de voir, ou ecoute a les nouveau sons, visuelles, ou idees.

Les Nouveaux: Philly and the blunts a la merchandice comme les t-shirts, un DC d'un spectacle en Decembre, tu peu contacte Phill a

None the wiser est en un change du membre avec Chris Muirhead de Philly and the blunts et Sttraight Jackit, jouent le bass. Aaron Johnson de St. Norbert groupe Torrential Reign est maintenant le qui jouent la battarie, est il comprend les idees de NTW tres bien.

-Harrey Havey, la pere de Jessica (Les DUHKS) a faire quel-que chose a son coude entrain de melange avec un famille de l'ours grizzly, on vais te donne l'information quand on a plus sur cette situation.

Aussi  un grand merci a Rob et Tommy de la festival "shine thru rain'' il etais un des meilleures temps de l'autome, merci pour les photos, puis la 'dope sound'
On espaire de voirs avent la prochin festivale!!! 

Pope's Hill 1999 (Bird's Hill Park Manitoba)
Shine Thru Rain Music and Art Festival
None the wiser
Philly and the blunts
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