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Weed Management

Before you start, check out the rules & Regulations

Weed cutting costs can be low. It usually does not require a consent and it can target a specified area and cut to a nominated depth though this is usually only possible to a maximum of 2.0 m below the surface.

Weed harvesting (cutting and removal) can be beneficial if it removes significant amounts of nutrients from the system.

Weed harvesting – cutting, collection and dumping – is often priced around $2000–4000 per hectare. The price of operating a weed harvester is usually charged by an hourly rate for the machine and so costs vary considerably with the density of weed and the distance to a dump site.

Clear water to view cutting lines is often essential for efficient cutting, unless carried out in a drain. Weed cutting is like mowing the lawns as it may have to be repeated two or three times in a growing season when re-growth occurs.

Some sites are unsuited to cutting because of uneven bottom contours, obstacles or high flows and the weed harvester is also affected by wind. Weed harvesting also results in capture of a wide range of aquatic organisms including many small fish that take refuge in the weed. However, the absence of weed control can lead to habitat decline (such as deoxygenating in dense weed beds), while alternative weed control methods can also result in loss of habitat

Continual research and development have taken the equipment in this industry from its crude and cumbersome origins to the finely tuned machines available to you today. Through hands on management and state-of-the-art innovation, we are committed to providing high quality equipment, exceptional customer service.

As our commitment to restoring lakes and waterways around the Ontario carries us into the 21st century, we hope you’ll take a moment to explore our web site and discover how Canadian Weed Harvester might help resolve your water management challenges.

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