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Welcome to the Canberra Croatia Social Golf Club!

As the name suggests, we are a social golf club situated in Canberra Australia accomodating the needs of golfers mainly of Croatian background.  But currently approx 1/5 of our members are from other backgrounds and we welcome any golfer in Canberra who doesn't belong to a real Golf Club to join us.  For $50 a year, you get a social Golf Club handicap, access to discounted golf games monthly, Christmas Party which is usually all you can eat Seafood.  Now that is value.

2005 Golf Calendar:

Day Date Time Course Event
Sunday 30th January 8:30am Gold Creek
Sunday 27th February 11:00am Gold Creek
Saturday 5th March 1:00pm Gold Creek
Sunday 20th March 8:30am Fairbairn
Sunday 17th April 9:30am Gold Creek
Sunday 22nd May 8:30am Fairbairn
Sunday 19th June 9:30am Gold Creek Matchplay
Sunday 10th July 8:30am Fairbairn Matchplay
Sunday 14th August 9:30am Gold Creek Matchplay
Sunday 11th September 8:30am Fairbairn Matchplay
Sunday 13th November 8:30am

Sunday 11th December 9:30am Gold Creek Xmas Hamper

August Results - MATCHPLAY IS BACK Click Here

August Stableford Results:

1st John Queneau 36 pts on countback

2nd Andro Glavinic 36

3rd Dusko Felding 34

4th John Barac 33

4th Vjeko Rezo 33

….tony Vidovic 27


5 J..Barac

7 M. Lemo

12 M. Lemo

15 R. Krile

Christian of the Round:

Marko Mihalj for getting drawn out as the lucky loser. Praying on Sunday certainly helped

Jew of the Round:

Kristian, Damir and Mario……  actually Damir wasn’t allowed to go so maybe he doesn’t count, those fiancées are tough.


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