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Should I stay in Chile or what?
A boat ride
James thinking to himself, "Maybe we can squeeze a couple more people in this boat?"

Mapuche Traditional Cook house
(l-r) Lina, Mimi, and Isabel having a good laugh

Singing a Traditional Song
Little boy looking away thinking, "I wanna get back to my math studies"

Learning how to weave wool
Robert watching Lorne thinking, "Man this guy is fast"

Mapuche Traditional Dance
Mapuche Traditional Dance

National Chilean Dance - La Queca
Carla dancing La Queca thinking, "He gets close one more time... and to the moon buddy!"

Taking Mapuche Pottery Lessons
Shelly looking at Carla's work thinking, "I should smash her bowl... it's better than mine."

Having fun with La Queca
Lorne peeking around the door thinking, "He's been dancing for 2 hours... he's good!"

Mapuche Children

Most important to all of us were the children - this was a special day for us all.

This is Lily, fitting to have this picture with the lily's in front of her. What an angel!

The Rebel is Loose!

Here is a good one!

Several of us Canadian delegates had had our portraits drawn by Chilean artists who
worked on the sidewalks of the cities. I will be asking for Kelly's and maybe... just maybe
I will add my portrait! hahaha

One of the towns we visited was called Vina Del Mar which is a beautiful ocean front
community. Along the beach there were several artists that would draw your portrait
for 500 pesos (a couple canadian dollars).

The day was clear and I could see for a long ways out in the ocean and thats where
I was looking while the man sketched this portrait.

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