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the Mapuche People: Their Culture and their Country

Origin of the Mapuche Flags: Unlike North American Indigenous Groups, the Mapuche are very organized in family and community structures. One way of identifying the group is by the Flag they display.

ŅUKE MAPU: This site is in Spanish so give it a try... if you can't read spanish, maybe you can learn here (kidding!)

Lengua Mapuche: This site is also in Spanish but it also has spanish meanings from Mapuche words... for those speaking Spanish, this is neat.

Rehue Foundation: This is a cool site with loads of english (option) based content... a must see site!

The Mapuche Nation: Even though this page is created and hosted from France, it is a great resource place on Mapuche people. Search Results: Here is a quick link to the AltaVista search engine... browse at your heart's content!

the Canadian Aboriginal Links

Aboriginal Weblinks: Yet another resource link-based site loaded with content.

The NativeWeb: Though this site is not exclusively Canadian, it is an excellent resource site for up-to-date news and information.

The Assembly of First Nations: Our National Organization and largest Political Representation.

Canadian Native Law Cases: For those determined to punish the mind with publications on Law Cases in Canada (kidding - a good resource)

Canada - Indian Treaties: This site is an excellent resource on historical treaties between Canada & the First People's

What Aboriginal Links Page wouldn't be complete with these next two:

BC Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs: Loaded with information about BC Aboriginal People's

Indian & Northern Affairs Canada: Our Federal Government page on Aboriginal People's

Other Links of Common Interest

This section will be updated (as the others will be) as they become available. For example, if you happen to find a website that you think might be of interest to us at CANCHIL2000.... send us an email and we'll include it here.

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