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   I wish to thank my "lieutenants" and the other B'nai Khaim 
who supplied me with source material and otherwise helped 
with information and ideas. 
   I list my "lieutenants" alphabetically. While the burden did 
not fall equally among them, they share my gratitude in equal 

       Bernhard, Gloria (Grossman) 
       Blum, Zahava (Dudnik) 
       Brandt, Minnie (Trachtman) 
       Dudwick, Harry A.
       Douglas, David 
       Galler, Morris and Polia 
       Gilman, Boris 
       Goodman, Yetta (Trachtman) 
       Kareff, Dorothy (Gelman) 
       Korn, Vivian (Galler) 
       Matson, Rhoda (Kaprov) 
       Mittleman, Dr. Gordon (grandson of Daniel Gelman) 
       Newler, Edith (Kaprove) 
       Robboy, Dr. John 
       Rosen, Edwin 
       Rosenbaum, Jeannette (Kaprove) 
       Rossen, Arlene (Perlman) 
       Shiffren, Leah (Dratch) 
       Weinstock, Marilyn (Trachtman)

Then there were these:

     Joseph and Isaak Dudnik (cousins) set up the first charts for 
the Dudnik Families. Zahava Dudnik (Blum), Feme Mittleman, 
Leah Trachtman, and her son-in-law Professor Howard F. Hirt, 
labored to reconstruct the street layout of Yustingrad. Dr. Hirt 
drew the map of the geographical location of 
Sokolievka - Yustingrad.
    Leah Trachtman, my sister Alta and our niece Dorothy Kareff 
supplied information on the life of our people in 
Yustingrad in the years from 1902 through the Revolution, the 
Civil War and the pogroms. Harry Dudwick and Dr. John Robboy 
filled gaps in my memory regarding life in Knyazhe and Uman. 
    Marcia (Trachtman) Sheer assembled the numerous family "trees" 
into three master charts which served in the construction 
of the master tree: "The B'nai Khaim in America and Their Progenitors."
Geraldine, Rabbi Gordon Kaprov's widow, translated 
from Yiddish into English some material which we used. 
    Here I must say a word about my wife's contribution to the 
making of this book. She worked with me at every stage of its 
construction, from the original planning to the final correction 
of the manuscript. She set up an inventory of the B'nai Khaim; 
she helped with the design of the family charts, with the formulation 
of the questionnaires, and with the tabulation and analysis 
of the myriads of responses. Her place is rightly on the title page.

Joseph M. Gillman 
Hartsdale, N.Y.
March, 1968