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Hiead x Ikhny's Couple Page!
*sings*Can you feel, the love tonight..?
Oh god! Make it stop!*covers ears*
Oh come on! This song is just right for this couple page!
I DO NOT LIKE ALLECTO!! Why do you keep insisting I do?!
'Cause you look sooooo cute together!
*mutters* Bury me now...
Oh yeah! I have the pictures to prove it! You can't go to sleep at night because your'e to busy thinking about her! See!*points below*
NOOOOOO!!!!It's not TRUE!
Heh....Anyway, this part of the site is dedicated to Hiead x Ikhny stuff! Right now though, I'm going to be talking about all the scenes they are in together!
If you fans out there really like Hiead x Ikhny, take this support banner and put it on your site!(I didn't make it)
*mumbles*You do that and I'll blast you...
*Pats the back of Hiead's head* Now don't listen to him! Let's get on with it!
I really don't know much about the Partner episode, because I only saw it once and it was the only episode I missed taping twice!
Too bad...*smirks*
It is when the cannidates first meet their repairers. The first things they had to were to check the stats on the cannidate's hand.
I didn't like that
Why not?!
She touched me!
Hmph*turns away*
Don't apologize to him, Ikhny! That was the worst excuse ever!*pulls out baseball bat*
Please don't hit him, Ms. Kimmie!
*lays bat along side of wall*If you say so...
We have to get back to the summaries
*mocking*Oh yes, we can't forget about that!
*Glares at Hiead*Ok, so as I was saying they had to check the cannidate's stats with this device. The repairer's also had to introduce themselves.
You looked happy!*sarcastic*
Like I wanted to know her name!
It was hard for me to introduce myself. I was so nervous.
I'm choosing to ignore that. Right after that, it was Hiead's turn to fight in the stimulation first. I don't rember it to well, but I know Hiead had gotten rid of the two VICTIM, and Ikhny was awsome out there repairing for the first time!
Thank you *Blushes*
Now for the next scene!
My favorite...heh
Ahem! So, Zero is doing great on his test. Hiead thinks he doesn't need to watch anymore so he walks out. Ikhny decides to follow him.
Yup, Stupid Enna...
Hiead, you just sounded like Eustace from Courage! *Laughs out Loud*
Darn it! Rats...
Now you sound like Garu!
*Shakes with anger* Get on with it!
Okay, Okay!
So, as I was saying...Ikhny follows Hiead out the door. She trys to start up a conversation by leting Hiead know what he has to work on. Hiead gets angrey and throws her against the wall
Look how scared you were*Grins evily*
*sniff* Umm..uh-@_@
*Rubs head* Ouch!
*Holds baseball bat, the bat is spilt in two* I told you to be quiet!
*Rubs head some more*
*Puts down broken bat* Hiead pushes her against the wall and says,"Your'e only here to provide for me, don't you try to get inside my head." He drops Ikhny and leaves her wimpering on the floor.
*Peace sign*
*winces at the memory of it*
*Looks at the two of them* So, umm... yeah thats about it ^_^:
BWAAHAHAHAHA!!!!Some more proof Hiead thinks of her at night!
*Too busy to notice second picture*Gotta find a way to delete this page...
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