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Hello all! This is a shrine to Ikhny Allecto, my favorite Repairer! I haven't seen any Ikhny Shrines around so I decided to add one to Area 0024! I hope this new adition to my site will be liked by the rest of the Ikhny fans! I also have Ikhny talking in this site!Yay!!
*bows* Thank you very much, Ms. Kimmie!
*pats Ikhny's head* How sweet....
This site will cover everything I know about Ikhny! It will include a Hiead and Ikhny couple page!
Hee hee hee....Hiead x Ikhny...@_@
Ms. Kimmie, snap out of it!
Perfect couple....@.@ Oh! sorry about that
I still need help on pictures though. Remember I told you about the whole camera thing? I keep trying to get screenshots. If you know anyone who will donate pictures, please help out. Belive me, everyone will know where I got my pictures from! ^_^
*looks around*
*shivers* Whats wrong?
*sighs* Looks like I have to end this talking now....Hiead might hear me
*wimpers* H-Hiead Sir?
Don't worry Ikhny, he's going to find this part of the site sooner or later
Hmm...whats up? Why did you suddenly freeze like that?
*points finger behind Kimmie*W-watch ou-
*Darth Vador breathing*
EEYYAAAHHHHH!!!!*turns around* HIEAD!!!
*grabs Kimmie's shoulder* I was wondering where you went....you weren't checking the guestbook over and over again like usual...*looks around* What is this?!
^_^;*sweatdrop*It's an Ikhny Shrine
What the?! *fumes with anger*
*grabs Ikhny's arm* Lets go before Hiead explodes!
R-Right!*Both start running*
Oh yeah! Before we run, I want to tell you that I hope you have a good time and that this shrine will be updated alot so keep coming back! Thanks!
*Runs after them* Don't forget to sign Kimmie's pathedic guestbook....I can't belive I just said that!

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