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Jars and Lids

  Mason-type jars specifically designed for home canning are best. Commercial mayonnaise jars may not seal and may break, especially in a pressure canner.

Canning jars come in a variety of sizes from half-pint jars to half-gallon jars. Pint and quart jars are the most commonly used sizes. Processing times have not been developed for many foods in half-pint, 12-ounce or one and one-half pint jars. If the recipe does not specify processing in one of these jars, process half-pint and 12-ounce jars for the same time as pints. Process one and one-half pints for the same time as quarts. For jellied fruit products only, 12-ounce jars can be processed for the same time as half-pints. Half-gallon canning jars are recommended only for very acid juices. Jars also come in both the regular and wide-mouth styles. If properly used, jars may be reused indefinitely.

Two-Piece Lids - Most of the canning jars sold today have two-piece, self-sealing lids. This type consists of a flat metal disc which has a sealing compound around the outer edge and a separate metal screw band. The lid is used only once; the screw band may be used over and over, unless it rusts. Do not use any old, dented or deformed lids or those with gaps or flaws in the sealing compound. These may not seal. Lids should be good for at least 5 years after manufacture. Never reuse lids from commercially canned foods for home canning. It is important to follow the directions for use provided by the lid's manufacturer. Each brand of lid may be treated differently.

Zinc Lids - Some home canners still have the old porcelain-lined zinc lids. This type of lid was used with a rubber ring that fits on a sealing ledge located below the threads of the jar. The metal portion of the cap was used many times. These zinc lids are no longer recommended because they often fail to seal. Also, the rubber rings are no longer available.

Bail-Type Jars - Some home canners still have access to some of the old bail-type canning jars. These were sealed using a rubber ring that fit on a sealing ledge located about Љ inch below the top of the jar. These closures are also no longer recommended for home canning and are no longer being manufactured.

Some new imported bail-type jars are available in this country. Many of these are not heat tempered and while these jars come with one rubber ring, no replacement rings are available for reuse. These jars are better used for food storage and decorative purposes than for home canning. Old antique glass canning jars of any type are prized as collector's items. These jars are often too brittle to withstand the heat treatment involved in canning and have a great likelihood of breaking during heat processing. They are best for uses other than canning.


All information Courtesy the "University of Georgia - So easy to Preserve Guide ".

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