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Canning Equipment Suppliers

  1.kitchenkrafts.com - "The Foodcrafters Supply Catalog"- an excellent place to buy all of your canning supplies from. They have all the tools you will need such as jar lifters, lid wands, Ball jars, funnels, the All American Canner range, Water Bath Canners, Books. A complete resource for the Home Canner !
However, we have not finished with this website yet, because apart from being a complete resource for the home canner, they have something for everybody ! They have complete sections on Cake decorating, Candy-making, Baking, Beer and Winemaking, Food-gifting Supplies, Catering and Cook's Tools. They also have their own catalog and an e-mail news letter.


  2.Gray and Holt incorporating U. G. White and Co are seriously worth a visit. They have an enormous amount of good stuff ! 
They are suppliers of the "All American Canner " range of dial type pressure canner type# 907, 910, 915, 921, and 925. They also keep a complete range of spare parts for these canners.
They are also agents for "Presto" pressure cookers and hundreds of other items !



  3. Back To Basics  has a wide selection of items including juicers/strainers, peelers/slicers, dehydrators, sprouters, mills/mixers,  and is also a good canning supply site. Apart from all the tools , they are suppliers of the "All American " pressure canner range, Nos. 910, 915, 921 and 930. They are also suppliers of Water Baths and all tools.



  4. The Mountain Fruit Company is a pectin supplier. Drop in here if you need pectin for your jam !



  5. Wild Prairie Readiness is the only supplier of " Presto " pressure canners that I know of. These canners are the dial type, and they stock both the 17 quart and the 22 quart. Also tools and other goods.



  6.  The Keeping Room has some unusual canning jars, mostly imported, a good range of canning tools and accessories, and is the only site so far found which stocks the " Mirro " range of pressure canners.






All  technical information Courtesy the "University of Georgia - So easy to Preserve Guide ".

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