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Amick's Rangers
Battes, Captures & Raids
In May of 1861, Amick soldiers voluntered into the newly forming regiments of Colonel Christopher Tompkins and Colonel John Echols. In June, Eli and Jacob Amick ride to the first land battle of the war with the Greenbrier Cavalry.  That fall, scout John Amick was shot at his home and Perry was arrested at his.  In December, Henry and Eli Amick were captured.

Perry, Henry, and Eli were released in sring of 1862 and returned home to the fight.  In the spring of 1863, Henry and Eli rode to Gettysburg in Jenkin's Brigade.  Brothers James and Perry Amick, known for their whiskey drinking and shooting abilities, fight until captured in late 1864 in the Shenandoah Valley.  Joseph Amick is with the Dixie Rifles throughout the war.

When the yankees occupied western Virginia, Charleston and Summerville, only Greenbrier and Lewisburg remained with Virginia.  The Lewisburg Turnpike and the Wilderness Road provided invasion routes for Doodles to raid Lewisburg and beyond to the Shenandoah Valley.  The mountain passes near Sewell Mountain became the choke point of any attempted yankee invasion.  John W. Amick's independent scouts guarded and scouted Sewell Mountain and the Wilderness District, recognized as Partisan Rangers in 1864.
"There Was Some Violence....." (Great Aunt Maude)
Civil War History of Amick Soldiers

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Amick Soldiers