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Courtney Love's Harassment Of Actress Mandy McDonald Continues

July 26, 2001

Two years after Courtney Love's well publicized ongoing harassment of Mandy McDonald, it continues.

From: SpUnGeon Lilly
To: Mandy McDonald
Thursday, July 26, 2001 11:07 AM


i was very interested in wht u r up to lttle mS princess ThING
hOws richer doin these days?????????*********** u knw court is so fuckin
pointless my lttle silver spoon chick so just get the FUCK ovr it and lets
mAke a mends cuz frankyl i dont hve time for shit like this these days
right.got daughter and ALLL THT JAZZ.............BnG bAMb BooM! Heard abiut
stp? new song abut me see im still as famous as MADONA

Soooo My lttle pretty superstar..dnt bother with fucken Erin miles or Harrison OR holY shit tht ass Richard lee either cuz see here cutie?
the witch trial is over so no need to be talking to them anymore...just cause problems
for yourself and anyone tht knows u in the long run we've
discussed this sweetie looong ago. now be a good ltte superstar and run along
wth ur silver spoon and pretty lttle boytoys

say hi to richer and amirault for me....oh pooey...he's dead isnt he?

FYI>>>>>>>>>>>im fuckin sinister.......NOT. u think? tell ELI MILLS FOR ME-----
----FUCK U!

ill write u a poem whn i have time sweet thing and how about m e and the new band cool er...ya
whos the flavor of the month...? teehee!! smile sweet thing cuz u know
someones out there watchin!

bee seein u


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