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on these pages are emails written by courtney love herself (investigated by the fbi), various news & magazine articles, concert reviews & quotes.

all grammar, capitalization, spelling & punctuation errors are courtney love's as they are archived here unedited.
r e a d i n g   m a t e r i a l
emails to actress mandy mcdonald & journalist matthew richer

courtney love declares "i am GOD"

1994 hole concert reviewed, spin magazine

is courtney love insane? quotes & more

a review of courtney's biography 'queen of noise'
death threats & harassment of actress mandy mcdonald

fan crushed to death yet courtney love's stage antics continue

1996 hole concert reviewed

harassment of mandy mcdonald continues

courtney assaults 2 concertgoers
o  t  h  e  r
download mp3 - courtney love's phone call to brad nowell of sublime