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Courtney Love's Ongoing Harassment of British Actress Mandy McDonald

December 6, 1999
10:37pm EST

BOSTON, MA -- Beginning in the summer of 1999, for months entertainer Courtney Love has intensely harassed, and continues to harass, British actress Mandy McDonald, including graphically violent email death threats, phone calls and surveillance.

McDonald, who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, has decided to break the silence on the harassment. "I just came to the point where I felt that this is outrageous and indeed sickening. People shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of behavior. I got sick of keeping it a secret," she said. McDonald is convinced Love has chosen to harass her as "payback" for the WorldNetDaily article journalist Matthew Richer, who has been dating McDonald for months, wrote in April, 1999.

In addition to receiving extremely disturbing, psychotic emails, after visiting Richer in Boston for a weekend this summer, on the ride home to Toronto McDonald says she was followed for miles by two men in a new black Honda Accord. When she went into a restaurant on I-95 in Connecticut, the two men, who McDonald described as "two redneck types," approached her and "almost yelled," "Are you going to Toronto? Are you from Toronto?" After returning from the ladies room, one of the men asked her again if she were going to Toronto. McDonald then approached a Patrol Officer who was in the restaurant, but as she did so, the men left. McDonald had received emails prior to this that she would be harassed if she made the trip to Boston.

McDonald has also received many phone calls from Courtney Love. Most recently, after Love sent Richer an email referring to her as "Miss Cutesy-Cutesy," McDonald received phone calls from someone asking for "Miss Cutesy McDonald," along with a call from a person with a "muffled voice" claiming to know where she lived and threatening to put a bomb in her car.

Because emails sent to McDonald, like those sent to Richer, contain lengthy, verbatim portions of emails sent from Andrew Amirault to someone impersonating a fourteen year old girl [note: see "courtney love declares: 'i am GOD'". link on main page], that the emails were sent by Courtney Love is now beyond dispute.

McDonald says that she will be pursuing legal action against Courtney Love.

McDonald is former child star of the British tv series 'Fun Factory' and 'High Summer Extra.'

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