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Fan Crushed to Death at Hole Concert Yet Courtney Love's Lethal Stage Antics Continue

June 30, 1999

--On June 17, 1999, a nineteen-year-old woman was crushed to death at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden during the set of controversial entertainer Courtney Love's band Hole. However, neither Courtney Love nor her management company made any comment on the death until two weeks later (when the British music journal, New Musical Express reported "Love is said to be 'very distressed' by the death").

The Hultsfred death story was picked up by only two major newspapers, the Los Angeles Times and the Toronto Star, who briefly mentioned the death but made no attempt to report Love's reckless onstage behavior which contributed to, if not caused, the death. Even after the Hultsfred tragedy, Love continues to employ the same antics.

Eyewitnesses say that the crowd control problems during Hole's set were seriously exacerbated by Courrtney Love's onstage antics. Near the end of their set, Love told all fans interested in joining her onstage to "just f**ing do it," which caused a dangerous surge toward the stage. A fan who barely survived the ordeal has written that soon thereafter: " . . . a friend told me that Courtney had taken her top off (surprise surprise) and told every girl on the stage to either do the same, or to 'get the hell off her stage.'" Other fans who survived the ordeal wondered why the band did not stop the show to alleviate the lethal situation, which is typically done when a crowd becomes chaotic.

A young woman who was at the concert has written: "People in the mid section (the section in front [of] the middle of the stage) fell, and were laying, sitting and crawling on top of each other. I managed to stay on my feet for a while, but then the people in front of me moved back, and I fell too, into a kind of sitting position. I could feel I was stepping on someone, and I couldn't do a bloody thing about it. I saw this girl lying on the ground, passed out, with at least three or four people on top of her. To my lower left I had a guy kneeling, begging me to help him, and even though I couldn't help him up, I tried to push people away from him. Then the people next to us were pushed to the side, so that they nearly fell over me, and I paniced even more. My feet were stuck, and I kept grabbing people's arms and clothes to try and pull myself up, but without success. By now I was so exhausted that I started thinking "That's it, I give up. Is this the way I'm gonna die?" But then this guy in front of me spotted me, and I pleaded for him to help me up, so he grabbed my hand and started pulling. My feet were still stuck, and he yelled to me to try and break free. I was just about to unzip my boots, when suddenly someone grabbed my elbow from behind, and pulled me up, and for one moment it seemed like I got enough space to catch my breath. I wasn't being pushed, I wasn't being grabbed, and it only took me a moment to realize that it was now or never, so I started making my way to the back. It was a bit hard at first, since it was packed with people, but it seemed like just knowing I might survive this after all, gave me an enourmous will power, so somehow I finally got out of the "danger zone". Out at last, people obviously saw the condition I was in, and moved out of my way to let me stumble by. I hadn't started crying until just about now, and when I finally got to the very back, I sat down and cried like I've never cried before, hysterically." [From "The Hultsfred Tragedy," http://hole.simplenet.com/river/Hultsfred.html.]

Nonetheless, at the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury, England on Friday, June 25, Love again encouraged fans to rush and join her onstage. This time, three youngsters barely escaped death. The July 3 edition of NME reported:

"Courtney Love was blasted as "totally irresponsible" by festival organisers after three youngsters were rendered unconscious in a crush after she had encouraged fans to invade the stage during the band's Friday night set . . .As hundreds surged forward in an attempt to dodge the security guards, scale the barriers and get up with the band, three fans were overwhelmed and passed out. Tragedy was narrowly avoided when security guards managed to spot them and pluck them from the melee.

. . . Glastonbury spokesman Jason Holmes commented: "It was totally irresponsible of her to do that, especially in light of what happened in Sweden last week.

"As soon as she invited people onto the stage, they were trying to jump on their like lemmings and it just got completely crushed at the front, so we ended up with three kids unconscious backstage."

. . . .At the end of the gig, [Love] gave one stagecrashing girl her guitar. Holmes added: "That was very small recompense for what she had done earlier. It could have turned out a lot worse than it did, we were very lucky."

Love has physically attacked and threatened journalists, and last year was sued by photographer Belissa Cohen for attacking her after Cohen took her picture. Love has also been accused of conspiring to murder her husband, fomer Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain.

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