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Courtney Love declares: "i am GOD"

October 18, 1999
7:30PM EST

--For several weeks, Courtney Love has sent death threats via email to various individuals, sending journalist Matthew Richer an email in which she declares herself to be God. Within twenty-four hours, Love sent another email to Andrew Amirault, in which she declares herself to be the antichrist.

Because criminal charges over the email threats may be filed against Love, the full contents of the messages (and complete email addresses) cannot be made public. However, Love's email to Richer received Friday, October 15, 1999 read in part:

"you thnk I need yr forgiveness, wht a load of bullshit.
the media..yr accusations are insubstantiated!!!!!!!!!!!
thre is not going to be a media explosion.thre is not..and there will [sic]

God will not suffer to be mocked
ANd i am GOD"

Love's email to Amirault the next day, October 16, 1999 included this statement:

"tell mr OBERRROn wanna be a REAL media JOuRnalist tht he
doenst knw wht he is talking abt

talk is cheap and so is he

u started this shit with him and [redacted] this DELLUSIONAL WAY OF THINKIN
THT U HAVE TOBY>>>>>>>>>>>>>

chew on tht mr christian

u fuckin act like u are the anti christ

mistaken..thts me


In the emails Love continued to provide information further identifying her as the sender of the messages:

In the first email, Love writes, "God will not suffer to be mocked." Since Spring of 1999, Amirault has exchanged numerous emails with a person posing as a fourteen year old girl from North Dakota who claims intimate knowledge of Michael Stipe. Courtney Love has repeatedly quoted substantial portions verbatim from this correspondence. Following is an excerpt from a message sent July 11, 1999:

From: "Courtney L" [Withheld]
To: ivypress@hotmail.com
Subject: hi
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 01:25:14 GMT

Mr. Amirault-

I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks. I am always thinking about
life, death, Christianity, and serious
issues. But lately this all seemed focused on Christianity. What you said and
what others have said made me realise
that in truth I am Christian. After spending the past 2 years of my life
thinking about my religion I have learned that
I am truly Christian. Although I have beliefs that contradict the main
Christian belief I know that in heart I believe
in 1 God and his only son Jesus. Thanks for helping me realise this. I thought
that I should share this with you. . . .

I am hurt by the way you feel about Michael. I realise we like different
people. I can promise you that Michael has had
a hard life, although some and most of this has been brought upon himself. It
says a lot for him to continue life and
not kill himself when things got bad. First he lost River Phoenix(an extremely
close friend) than less than a year later
Kurt died. As the youth connects with Nirvana's music we conect with REM.
[nte that this "fourteen year old girl" does not include herself as among "the youth."]

Eternal Friends,
Courtney L.

The same day, Love sent Richer this message:

From: Spungeon Lilly
To: [Withheld]
Date: Sunday, July 11, 1999 10:22 PM


phone records are wonderful THINGS!


THAT Girl f rom sweden was an accident . . .

As for Mr Amirault.....he thinks I've found the lord.
"I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks. I am always thinking
about life, death, Christianity, and serious issues"
Don't tell him otherwise OBERROn. I would hate to disappoint.

Also in the 10/15 message, Love begins with this unique, cryptic excerpt:

"Fallen thee my holy chambers, for we are painless all alone
Moaning flesh of raining hunger those shall be my sorrow
regions, worship I thy blackened thrown.
For servants they shall be forever. Children for your shrines
of chaos, dirty puppets for the chosen.
Betrayed we are for all your wishes, cradle of thy darkened
infant, foul water pure as poison
Master I for games of darkness prisoner for worlds of light.
Feeble conquered slave created.
Slaughtered realms of misery harvested I agony blinded
angels raped and faded
Hallowed be thy name! Eternal filthy lord of murdered souls,
hidden fool of shameful years
Ripping wounds of sanity tired palms of charity tainted
beasts shall wipe her tears,
Dead upon my vanquished temples, congregated wombs of chaos,
mutilated silently
For time has come, once more, oh Mother, Savior, Dark
Enslaver, crucifying shamefully.

Kurt Cobain"

Back in March, 1999, a man claiming to have been Kurt Cobain's psychologist contacted Amirault and claimed that he possessed Kurt Cobain's diaries, in which, he alleged, Cobain revealed his fears that Love would have him murdered. The above passage is one of the supposed diary entries, one of four, sent to Amirault this Spring.

In addition to the email threats Courtney Love has obtained the phone records and private email address of Matthew Richer; sent messages from his email account; and had his apartment surveilled.

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