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Is Courtney Love Insane?

Onstage, Courtney Love is a mess. Offstage, she is far worse, a dangerous and wildly unstable person. This is what people who have been close to her have to say:

"The advice Kristen [Pfaff] got in Minneapolis was almost unanimous: 'Don't go [to Seattle].' Courtney was dangerous, Kristen was told. Her name was linked to destruction and death and getting screwed over."
-Queen of Noise, Melissa Rossi

"She's out of control. Wherever trouble is, she'll find it or make it . . . she's disgusting."
-Tad Doyle, of TAD, Come As You Are, Michael Azerrad

"I am fascinated by Courtney Love, but the same way I am by someone who's got Tourette's syndrome walking in Central Park."

"It was horrible," recalls a business associate [of the Cobains] who was travelling with them at the time. "Courtney was pregnant and she was shooting up." [This comment resulted in the loss of custody of their daughter.]
- from the Vanity Fair article "Strange Love," by Lynn Hirschberg

"I don't feel like embarrassing Kurt by talking about what a psycho hosebeast his wife is, especially when he knows it already."
-Steve Albini, Producer of In Utero

"Only about a quarter of what Courtney says is true. But nobody usually bothers to decipher which are the lies. She's all about image . . . Courtney's delusional. I called her awhile ago because I was worried about her baby and her sanity, but I never heard back from her."
-Kat Bjelland, Babes in Toyland, VF

"Courtney always has a hidden agenda," says someone close to the band. "And Kurt doesn't. He's definitely being led."
- VF

"I found Courtney to be . . . a psychopath, a pathological liar, and an opportunist who will use anyone and any situation to self-promote her ambitious goals of fame and fortune. No, I'm not a psychologist. Courtney's unbalanced mental condition is so obvious that I don't believe it takes someone with a degree in psychology to identify the problem."
-from Tom Grant's case manual

"I didn't have the nerve to tell [Love] that when I pitched the Courtney Love biography, the response had been laughter, and the editor had told me she was a gold-digger - nobody going nowhere fast."
-Queen of Noise

"This is a woman who, in the course of a very delicate 'was she or wasn't she' [doing heroin during her pregnancy] controversy, [came] out with . . . "If there is ever a time that a person should be on drugs, it's when they're pregnant, because it sucks" without considering how it would look in print."
-Come As You Are

"None of this fazes Courtney-she isn't particularly interested in the consequences of her actions."
-Lynn Hirschberg

- - -

THE PUBLIC: (From COME: The Journal of Eclectic Journeys, an on-line magazine)

"I suspect the greatness of Live Through This comes more from the melodies of Mr. Cobain, the uncredited auteur, than from the chanteuse."

"A lot of beautiful, talented songwriters and performers are not being heard because Courtney is getting the sound bytes. Bad voice, heroin skin tones, no future - she's a poor excuse for a musician."

"I think her drug-induced stupor has led her to believe her own press, that she is unfairly judged by an overly moralistic society that condemns her for not being a traditional female."

"She actually makes my skin crawl."

"A media whore."

"She, better than anyone else, knows her 15 minutes are up."

- - -


Fortunately, Courtney Love has done and said so many self-destructive things that, in many ways, she's provided the most assistance to this investigation, and this is not an attempt to be humorous. To date, most devastating was the fall-out over the infamous Vanity Fair article, which cost the Cobains custody of their daughter (they had to spend $250,000 to get her back) and nearly destroyed them.

"'I get a chance to prove myself. And if I do, I do. If I don't - hey, I married a rich man!' . . . She's joking, and then again, she isn't . . . 'You know, I just can't find makeup that stays on in the summer,' she says, abruptly changing the subject."
-Vanity Fair

"Everyone just fucking hates my guts."

"I wouldn't have an authorized biography in my home."
-Queen of Noise

"I didn't do heroin during my pregnancy [this is flatly contradicted by the statement above from the Vanity Fair piece]. And even if I shot coke every night and took acid every day, it's my own mother-fucking business."

"Life is a perennial honeymoon right now. I get to go to the bank machine every day."

"It was a bad time to get pregnant and that appealed to me."

"Nothing is better than being landed gentry. You must own property."

"I did a lot of acid in Liverpool and I never recovered."

Regarding the Rome incident, which, after Kurt's death, she began to refer to as a suicide attempt: "This was just a tiff between me and Kurt, okay? . . . It was not a suicide thing."

"I am Jesus and my lawyers are my twelve disciples. Do not fuck with me!"

"Brilliant, yes. But a rock star? Kurt? No. I was going to be the more famous of the two of us."
-Grant's case manual

During the drive to check out the Carnation properties, Courtney began talking about the "son of a bitch" who gave the story to the Associated Press saying she had overdosed on April 2nd . . . "I'm going to find out who the hell it was and sue that mother-fucker for libel. I can prove I was at the hotel. People saw me there. It was a total lie." "You told me YOU planted that story," I reminded Courtney. "Huh? . . . Oh," she responded, and turned to look out the window.
-Grant's manual

"In my world, people are pretty scared of me, so they don't fuck with me."
-Grant's manual

"No . . . things are really good. It's all coming true. Although it could fuck up at any time. You never know."

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