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Real original name don't you think?

Hi! This page is really just a bunch of links to stuff I like to keep tabs on, or that I use. (for reason's you could probably care less about)

I plan to have some good links here for a variety of interests that parallel my own.

(pretty selfish Huh...)

I am planning to do a major overhaul on this site soon... (don't hold your breath)LOL
This page originates from Michigan so local refers to S.W.-S.C. Michigan (Michiana)

Click for Bronson, Michigan Forecast

Bronson to be exact...Home of the famous White Star Snowmobile Auction!!!(Halfway betweenColdwater and Sturgis on US-12) If your lookin' for a good selection of new or used sleds or have one you want to sell thats the place to go! The first Saturday each month. Call 517-369-1153 for more information...

I'm a Quality Assurance Engineer / Quality Sysytems Analyst. I am also:


Here you'll find Helpful information about QS-9000/ISO9000 standards, the registration process, and Links to places with more.
I am also working on starting a company QSSICheck out my services and let me know if I can help you.
I'm Also A Volunteer Firefighter and EMT.My Fire Info Page (and BFD's unofficial page)
The Bronson Fire Department Home Page
FF-EMS chat A good place to find fellow EMS/Fire Fighters, etc. shooting the breeze
If your can find me online here ...if not on ICQ. (#1147579)

More About Me

The Tony Cam Page (I haven't had the time to add any pics in ages...)

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The pics pagethat has some personal pics I like to keep handy. (A Bear we met, our wedding, and others to come)
I've been spending a little time in Mexico. Toluca is near Mexico City and also the home of TAP a DaimlerChrysler assembly plant where the new PT Cruiser is being built. Crotty has a plant Rep. who "keeps me out of trouble" while there. I've started a Mexico page that has some pics from some of my trips there.
This is a single page containing a note from your American Flag...
Compliments of the Alderman - Luce Memorial Home Association (AMVETS - VFW - American Legion Posts)of Bronson Michigan.

Michigan Camping

Escapees RV'r Club
Michigan Lottery results
Rock and Roll
 - Promote Your Web Site!

CNN Link to Hubble Pictures and News

The Planetary Society

Mars Polar Lander Site

NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Hubble Telescope images
Whats happening in the sky this month?
NASA - Human Spaceflight
Solar System Simulator
The Earth Observatory Satellite Images of anywhere on Earth
The Terra ServerSee if you can find your house from satellite shots on this way cool server
NEAR asteroid craft
The 9 Planets
Views of the Solar System
Solar System Browser
Voyager Project Home Page
Space Interferometer Project
Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)
NASA-JPL Photo Journal
National Geographic a free e-mail account
Meta Crawler Websters On Line Dictionary
CNET good computer Info here
Area Code Look up page
Growth Mutual Funds from Fidelity
Columbia House CD's
Wave Central

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World Weather News 3S.W. Michigan news and weather
Intellicast Weather:
Grand Rapids Radar Summary|RADAR|NEXRAD|Tri State Area Radar

The Latest Local (Bronson) News:
The Bronson Fire Department will be having a Car Wash on 9-29-2001 ALL proceeds will go to the 9-11 IAFF fund for Fire Fighters families in New York. It Starts at 1:00pm and runs till 3:00pm (or until there's No more cars to wash) News 3 Doppler Radar

Links to other sites on the Web

WRKR 107.7FM
Quality Magazine (ASQ)
Fire and EMS Info
ASQ - American Society for Quality
Find anybodys phone or home address (if it's listed)

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This page originated April 27,1996
This page was last updated June 17th, 2008

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