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The fiery one

The Acera is a repeating rifle with a straight line breech block movement. With traditional bolt-action rifle, ejecting a spent cartridge and closing the breech on a new one requires four movement. With the Acera, a simple straight-line movement from the front to the rear of the breech block ejects the spent shell, and a second movement towards the front reloads it, ready for the next shot. This makes for a very fast repeating rifle, but one that provides the accuracy, safety of operation and strength of a traditional bolt-action rifle.
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These are a few more of the advantages provided by this remarkable gun:

  • Adjustable Battue-type rib with fiber optic sight for fast and accurate aiming.
  • Very attractive walnut stocking with hog's back stock and Bavarian cheek.
  • A drop-down magazine for speedy and easy reloading.
  • Available in caliber 300 Win. Mag. and 30-06 Sprg.

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Supplied in an elegant black carry case marked with the Browning logo in gold.

Acera Special Features

  The seven lug rotating bolt that engages directly into the barrel extension is particularly strong and reliable
  Drop-down magazine for speed and easy of loading.
  Adjustable Battue-type rib with a truncated feuillet for better sighting of your target. A fine white liseret perfectly guides your eye to the target.
  Teflon-coated breech block for even smoother action.


Model Acera
Caliber 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag.
Length 510mm
Rearsight adjustable rib
Frontsight red fiber optic
Length 372mm
Drop at Comb 48mm
Drop at Heel 80mm
Type drop down
Capacity Std: 4
Mag. 2
TOTAL WEIGHT Std: 3,100kg
Mag: 3,200kg
Receiver light alloy,
Wood walnut, satin finish