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The modern-day reference

Of the same family as the B25, the B425 represents without doubt the best value for money in its price-bracket on the market. It is a very reliable gun which will last the whole of a hunter's life and beyond. The B425 has been designed to shoot thousands of cartridges, without problems and without excessive wear.

Extremely robust, the action frame of the B425 is machined from a solid block of high-quality forged steel and the barrels are bored from a single bar. Like all Brownings, the B425 includes all of the technological innovations typical of the make: automatic hammer-operated ejectors, single selective trigger, large, treated flat lock, one-piece hinge pin and of course engraving, which confers such nobility on a fine gun.

The stock and forearm of the B425, made from European walnut, receive a hand-rubbed oil finish. Only the B425 Waterfowl, which is intended for intensive use in humid environments (sea, lakes, etc.) has a stock which receives 4 coats of varnish. The Elite, Prestige and Ultimate grades are further embellished by the use of superior-quality wood, fine chequering and increasingly refined engravings.
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The sports enthusiast will find the gun for him among the different versions currently available:

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Hunter (or Hunter) Grade I

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Special Waterfowl Ca. 12 Mag.

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20 gauge Grade 1
A B425 20 gauge, chambered for magnum cartridges, is not simply a reduced 12 gauge. It has its own identity and a very marked personality by virtue of it semi pistol grip (a perfect compromise between looks and handling) and its narrow forearm. The wood in European walnut, has an oil-rubbed finish.

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Elite 28 gauge
The use of a 28 gauge gun is both new and extremely ancient. Did you know that in the 18th Century, throughout Europe, smooth-bore firearms were all 24 or 28 gauge? Today, owning a 28 gauge is above all an indefinable pleasure which the general finesse of the lines and the balance of this gun provide. This pleasure will be all the greater when you discover the "Elite" engraving and the superb oil-rubbed European walnut.


All over-and-under shotguns in this range are supplied in an elegant black, 100% recyclable polypropylene carry case marked with the Browning logo in gold.


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Grade I Engraving
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"Ultimate" Engraving
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"Elite" Engraving
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"Waterfowl" Engraving
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"Prestige" Engraving
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"Elite 28" Engraving


Model B425 Hunting B425 Hunting/ Hunter B425 Hunting/ Hunter B425 Hunting B425 Elite 28 Hunting B425 Special Waterfowl B425 Special Waterfowl
Gauge 12 12 20M 20M 28M 12M 12M
Chamber 70mm 70mm 76mm 76mm 70mm 76mm 76mm
Length 660mm 710mm 710mm 660mm 710mm 710mm 760mm
Chokes fixed fixed/ Invectors fixed/ Invectors 1/4-3/4 1/4-3/4 Invector Plus Invector Plus
Ribs ventilated 6mm ventilated 6mm ventilated 6mm ventilated 6mm ventilated 6mm ventilated 6mm ventilated 6mm
STOCK pistol pistol rounded pistol rounded pistol rounded pistol rounded pistol rounded pistol
Length 375mm 375mm 362mm 362mm 362mm 375mm 375mm
Drop at Comb 36mm 36mm 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm
Drop at Heel 56mm 56mm 63mm 63mm 63mm 52mm 52mm
FORE-END tulip tulip rounded rounded rounded rounded rounded
TOTAL WEIGHT 2,9kg/3,0kg 3,0kg/3,1kg 2,85kg/2,9 kg 2,8kg 2,7kg 3,40kg 3,45kg
Action Frame greyed greyed greyed greyed greyed greyed greyed
Wood oil finished oil finished oil finished oil finished oil finished dull varnish dull varnish