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pioneers of florida

Okeechobee County..
In Central South Florida

These pages were created by my wife Paula

Rural Inland FLORIDA:

In most of the inland areas of Florida, you'll find a different BREED OF PEOPLE, AND A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE than on the coastal play areas. Catching fresh-water fish is more important IN OKEECHOBEE COUNTY than winning bets at The Hialeah Race Track in Miami. An orange grove is a sweeter sight than a line of chorus girls. We want you to like us for WHO we are. When you say we are country people...THAT'S A COMPLIMENT!!

You are the person to enter Okeechobee County!

So, grab ya a big o' glass of tea and browse through these pages slowly. Experience a part of Florida that many people do not know exists. But, please don't forget to sign the guestbook!!

Experience Okeechobee County, Florida's Final Frontier

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This ole Florida Cracker just loves to meet friendly folks. So, pull out your pocketknife and carve a message on a cypress stump! If you ain't got a pocket knife, e-mail me in the swamp!

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The Country Grapevine - Where Florida Turns For Country
The Country Grapevine - Where Florida Turns For Country

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