U.S. Navy Airship
Picture Book
Airship pictures from 1950's.

Blimps are a majestic and fascinating aircraft. This site is about my experiences flying in Navy blimps from 1954 to 1956. It is my ego trip and I would like you to humor me and come along. Maybe my blimp pictures and stories will stir some of your own memories - - and dreams.

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Copyright 1996 by Larry Rodrigues. The text and blimp images included herein or attached are for personal use only. NO reproduction of blimps or related blimp and airship facilities is permitted for commercial use. Blimp photos may be used within archives if credit is included for Larry's Airship Picture Book.


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Blimp and airship pictures in Larry's Airship Picture Book are for entertainment only.

I was assigned to Airship Squadron 3 at Lakehurst, New Jersey from Feb. 1954 to Nov. 1956. Blimp experiences described are from my memory. Blimp photos and blimp facilities are from my blimp scrap book. All blimp statistics are from memory or are documented in official navy blimp manuals, or newspapers and magazines reporting on actual blimp and antisubmarine warfare events.

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