Composites for Concrete Structural Reinforcement


Carbon Strips

There exist several reasons for strengthening of a structure.

Load Increases.

  • Higher Live Load
  • Increased wheel loads
  • Installation of heavy machinery
  • Vibrations

Damage to Structural Parts

  • Corrosion of the steel reinforcement
  • Fire damage
  • Impact of vehicles
  • Ageing of construction

Improvements in suitability for use
  • New uses of the structure
  • Need for higher live loads
  • Limitation of deflection
  • Reduction of crack width

Errors in planning of construction

  • Insufficient design dimensions
  • Insufficient reinforcing steel

Modification of structural system
  • Elimination of wallor columns
  • Opening cut trrough slabs



Comparison Between Carbon fiber Reinforced Polymer Strips and Steel Plate Strengthening

Criteria Strengthening with CFRP Strips Strengthening with Steel Plates
Own weight Low High
Tensile strength Very high High
Overall thickness Very low Low
Corrosion None Yes
Length of laminates Any Limited
Handling Flexible, easy Dificult, rigid
Load bearing In longitudinal direction only In any direction
Laps Easy Complex
Fatigue behavior Outstanding Adequate
Material cost High Low
Installation cost Low High
Application No special tools, easy With lifting gear and clamping devices





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