Requirements For A Lasting Repair

Durability and Protection

Protective Coating System

To be fully effective, a protective coating must be applied to a defect-free and level surface.

Imperfections in the protective film will allow ingress of gressive gases and liquids making the protective treatment ineffective.

Cross Section of Concrete Showing Increased 
     Depth of Carbonation Through Fine Surface Crack Unfilled Bughole Showing Break in Protective Coating
The Repair and Protection System

The objective in using the Sika concrete repair and protection system is to provide the structure with effective, safe and proven repairs. This halts the progress of latent damage and ensures lasting protection for areas not specifically repaired.

Inadequate concrete cover is replaced by Sika's efficient system to prevent future reinforcement corrosion. Sika's active corrosion inhibitor protects at both anode and cathode areas.

Sika's protective surface coatings prevent penetration by water, carbon dioxide and other aggessive atmospheric influences. Yes, they funtion fully in accordance with standard building physics, allowing each way water vapor diffusion and accommodating normal hygrothermal movements. Sikagard Elastocolor also providing dynamic crack bridging protection even at extremes temperature

Succesfully Completed Repair and Protection 
     Projects with the Complete Sika System Approach
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