Welcome to Adrian's Home Page.

Prepare to be under-whelmed.

Here is the boring stuff about me :

I'm 45, live in a small village called Wilstead, near Bedford, UK, and work for Gartmore in the City of London.
I started writing this page to teach myself HTML but I seem to have got a bit carried away.

I am a qualified MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.mcselogoClick on the logo for my own page of cool MCSE links.

Things that I enjoy doing :
cyclingCycling. Especially mountain biking.
juggling Juggling. Just to impress those that can't.
skiing Skiing. This year we went to Alpe D'Huez in France and had a fantastic time.
Golf, although I'm only a novice.
Getting slaughtered in the pub on a Friday night, something at which I am not a novice.
Travel - I have visited most European Countries, The USA, visiting 23 different States, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, and Ireland. My favourite place though is the Island of Elba.

Other things that interest me are :
astronomy space although I am not a fan of Star Trek or The X-Files.
Here is my own page on the Apollo 13 mission.

sinatra blondie madness van linda rod rea
Here is my own Blondie Tribute page
bilkoSeargent Bilko, the best TV show ever.
Reading. When you use British Rail it's quite handy to have War and Peace in your pocket !

Here are some more links that IMO are cool:
route 66Possibly Belgium's best page ?
NYT Interesting.
caltechCalifornia Institute of Technology
rob's lab Some excellent picture links.
lycos Web search engine.
gorp Great Outdoor Recreation page.
JPL Jet Propulsion Lab.

I am also lucky enough to drive the best car in the world - a Jaguar XJ 40.
Here is a Jaguar page
More will follow when I get the time.
There have been 1, thanks mum accesses to this page.

Many thanks to the chaps and chapesses at Geocities for making this all possible.

Bye for now 1