Map Projections of Europe

Collection by Stefan A. Voser

17. July 2003

Map Projections
EC_GIS (European Commission GIS)

New European Map Projections
"The European Commission has adopted a series of map projections that has been developed out of a workshop held by MEGRIN with input from the Expert Group on Geodesy in December 2000 in Marne La Vallée. The PDF file (WS proceedings and projection detailed descriptions) is available on the EC-GIS web site at the following address (big report!)" [!](15 May 2003)

Full Report From EC-GIS.ORG! (ca. 4.5 MBytes)
Coordinate Reference Systems
  • Position:
    • Based on European Terrestrial Reference System 1989 (ETRS89)
      Ellipsoid: GRS80 (New International)
      Central Point/Datum: geocentric
      Map Projections: 
    • ETRS-TMzn (ETRS89 Transverse Mercator CRS)
    • ETRS-LCC (ETRS89 Lambert Conformal Conic CRS)
    • ETRS-LAEA (ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area CRS)
Conformal Mapping: 
Large and Medium Scale Mapping: 
ETRS-TMzn (ETRS89 Transverse Mercator CRS)
(6° Zone System)
Specification at Euref
Small Scale Mapping: 
ETRS-LCC (ETRS89 Lambert Conformal Conic CRS)
Specification at Euref
Equal Area (Authalic) Mapping/e.g. Statistical Maps: 
All Scale Mapping: 
ETRS-LAEA (ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area CRS)
Specification at Euref

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