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Why I Am Creating This Web Page

     As a teacher of technology I wanted to create a page that was useful to many people and at the same time educational. My goal is to create pages that link to some good Science and Technology Sites on the web that would be helpful to those interested in Technology in general and Technology Education in particular. However, since I was also new to creating a web page and realize now how confusing it was to get started creating this page, I decided  that a basic introduction to creating web pages was needed. Therefore, my first goal was to create what I hope is a simple to use, but useful guide for those just starting their own web pages. It includes some hints and tips as well as links to some good useful web page utilities and other HTML tutors that I used in the learning process to create these pages. Hopefully this will save others the hours that were spent gathering the information. As time permits, I will also be adding links to some of my other interests

A step by step guide for Creating Web Pages. Easy to follow steps giving sample HTML codes and examples of each to allow you to create a professional looking Home Page.

Basic Step by Step Guide to Creating Web Pages

A collection of educational sites for Science and Technology Teachers.

The Science and Technology Reference Page

A collection of Educational links for Educators to use in their classrooms.

The Educational Reference Page

Search Engine Page- A collection of search engines you can use from here.

The Search Engine Page

With that in mind, this page will be changing over the next few months as I have more time
to devote to this page.

For now I've listed a few of my favorite sites below, and will be updating them as well.

-- Links to other sites on the Web --

MapQuest - Locate Places and map trips
Switchboard - Locate people and Businesses
Alta Vista - Web Search Engine
Jumbo - Shareware Software lots and lots
Shareware On the Net

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