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This page was last modified on Feb 4 1997

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Howdy, surfer and welcome to my home page.

My name is Asaf Zarmi (as you probably guessed) and I live in Haifa, Israel and my e-mail is: If you got anything to say about my home page, then say it! Go to my Guest book and contact me!. My hobbies are:

* Computers and Internet (Obviously...)

* TV

* Diving

* Science (Math and Physics)

* Music (listening, not creating)

* Food


Computers and Internet

Don't you think that the Internet is a wonderful thing? You can find pages about everything, you just have to know where to look. If you don't know, check Guy Rosman's search-page , where you can search in any of the big search engines on the net. Or, you can check my Hot Links Page and surf away to some cool pages.

After you surfed where you wanted, you might need a special plug-in to view the page. So check the Netscape's Plug-In Page to find all the Netscape plug-ins

The Internet have a lot more to offer than just the World Wide Web. But you'll need special software for that. So check out

TUCWOS - The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software

it's the best source of internet software I've seen.

Beside as an internet outlet, my computers is also used as a game-center. My favorite games are:

Doom II Wing Comander Series Worms, Reinforcment Duke Nuke'm 3D

As you might have noticed, I like fiddling with graphics software. I use mainly photoshop and photostyler. I got a page somewhere in here with all kinds of original tips and tricks for photoshop. You might find there a solution to some questions like "How do they make that thing look like that?". The tips are original and you probably will not find them anywhere on the net (believe me, I tried). If you can't find what you want in my tips, try my Photoshop section at my Hot Links.



Another great thing is TV. The best sleeping peel there is......

But there are some shows, you just can't fall asleep when you watch them:

The X-Files F*R*I*E*N*D*S Seinfeld Ren & Stimpy Married... with Children Mad About You BABYLON 5 ANIMANIACS



I am an advanced open water diver. Diving is a very unique and special experience. The beauty and the silence of the underwater world is something that can not be found anywhere on the dry land. If you want to know more about diving in general or about diving in Israel, check my Diving Page . you can also look at my diving section in my Hot Links



I'm interested in almost all of the fields of science, but mostly in math and physics.

In math, I'm specially interested in Fractals, the most beautiful side of math, no doubt. If you want to know more about them (and believe me it's worth it) check out my Fractals Page that have some simple explanations about the subject and few cool pics.

In physics, i'm specially interested in General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysics.



My music favor varies a lot. I specially love The Beatles, and an Israeli singer called Achinom Nini (her stage name abroad is Noa). But any music that is not to noisy (like those hard rock bands) is fine. Anything that can be played as background music without making your ears bleed, is fine.



I love cooking, baking and eating food. I specially love making "fast food", and I'm not talking about pizzas and hamburgers. I'm talking about food that don't take much time to prepare, such as pasta or chinese food. The best thing about cooking is improvising. If you don't have something at home, try using something else instead. If you think that the recipe tells you to put to much sugar, then don't follow the instructions. That way you'll get exactly what you want with exactly what you got at home, and just for your information, the best result comes from improvising!


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