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Schatzsucher DE

Officially open System
No known accesible entrys
Officially closed, but still accesible trough holes etc., or system used by company (i.e. mushroomfarm)
Closed; visit only with permission (i.e. gouvernment)






Zossen, GermanyZeppelinCom. CenterCLICK ME
Nordhausen, BRDMittelwerkV-WeaponsCLICK ME
Porta W., BRDA2 CArmamentCLICK ME
Neuenrade, BRDSchwalbeFuelCLICK ME
Überlingen, BRDMagnesitArmamentCLICK ME
Krölpa, BRDPikritParts for Me 262CLICK ME
Hasslach, BRDBarbeArmamentCLICK ME
Kahla, BRDLachsMe 262CLICK ME
Langenstein, BRDMalachitArmamentCLICK ME
Woffleben, BRDAnhydritAA MissilesCLICK ME
Nordhausen, BRDEberAirplanes???CLICK ME
Nordhausen, BRDBX IIAirplanes???CLICK ME
SaalfeldLauraAirplanesCLICK ME
St. Georgen a. d. G., AustriaBergkristallMe 262CLICK ME
Melk, AustriaQuarzV-weaponsCLICK ME
Ebensee, AustriaZementArmamentCLICK ME
Mimoyecques, FranceWiese"Wonderweapon" HDPCLICK ME
Litomerice, (Leitmeritz) CzechiaRichardProduction of HL 230 enginesCLICK ME
Rogoznica, PolandRieseFHQ ?CLICK ME
Jersey, Channel Islands.???Underground HospitalCLICK ME
Hafstadt, NorwayBerthaCoastal DefenseCLICK ME

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Testimony of L. LaufferTestimonie of L. Lauffer relating S III
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