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And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
T. S. Eliot (1942)

Welcome to our* niche on the web! See also the new official website!

*Physics Instructor (Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School) and scientist (McMaster University).
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Have a look around to investigate:

  • Education and associated professional issues
    What needs to be learned? How is learning best accomplished? Can knowledge really be transmitted from one head (instructor) to another (student)?
  • Courses taught with associated links
    What courses does the webmaster teach at SAM? How can students join in the collaboration? Where on the web can science/physics information be found? Also, see new online physics course (physics for you or www.physics4u.ca).
  • Science (genetics, ecology, physics...) and its social/philosophical implications

  • What are the limits of science? Is there a scientific method? What distinguishes
    authentic science from pseudo-science/anti-science/junk science?

Contact Information

Thanks for scoping out my web. This is still a developing venture as of yet for myself (and my students) and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Write to the webmaster: mmkuehn@canada.com or by snail mail to:
Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School
145 Magnolia Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 5P4
905-383-3337 (phone) 905-574-6010 (fax)


Last modified: Feb 4, 2005