This site contains information on Classic 1940’s Era
Taylorcraft Aircraft
Warning:  I realize that my page is a little bare at the moment.  This page was kind of a last minute thought.  I'll try to add material as time permits.  If you are truly looking for Taylorcraft information check with the Taylorcraft club below or visit my other homepage to find out how to contact me.  I'll do my best to help out.  I also strongly recommend that you obtain the book  The Taylorcraft Story written by Chet Peek.  It's fascinating reading.  Copies are sometimes available through the TOC club or through Forrest Barber (he's on the list server).  The list service is also an excellent place to get help.  Just fire off an e-mail and the list server subscribes will lead you in the right direction. Chris...
View my 1946 Taylorcraft and some of its history
View Jim Zangger’s Beautifully restored Taylorcraft

                                   Check out the Taylorcraft Owner’s Club.  The TOC has a web page that lists the technical
                                              details of the individual models.  The TOC also operates an e-mail list service for
                                              Taylorcraft Owners and enthusiasts who are looking for answers to technical questions
                                              about Taylorcrafts.  The Owner’s Club is at  The TOC site also has
                                              information about the Taylorcraft Foundation.  The Taylorcraft Foundation is a non-profit
                                              organization that is striving to preserve Taylorcraft airplanes and the history of Taylorcraft.

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