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Ashtabulans--Past and Present

People with a web presence:

icon Donald Humphrey. Visit the Homepage of Homefryes.

icon Dr. Michael Arutaupdated listing

icon Linda Barnum (nee Pugh), '65 ESHS, is a a city woman and a country gal.

icon Ray Beckman, '58 HHS, '69 KSU, who has a very nice set of drawings.

icon John Baron and his Ashtabula Netizens page, containing email addresses for many people without web pages.

icon Keith Castle ('72 Geneva) publishes Sports Jam!! Magazine about Ashtabula, Lake and Geauga Counties.

icon Marilyn Humphrey (nee Makynen) ('59 AHS) has moved off to PA and has done some nice graphics.

icon Al Jarvi

icon Colleen McCarthy, who also has an Ashtabula page.

icon Allen Redmond.

icon Rick Reublin ('61 HHS) who has composed a very nice Golden Age of Aviation site.

icon Herbert Whittier ('58 AHS) is a professor at Michigan State University.

People with an email-only presence:

icon Raymond Barnum, former teacher at AHS, current teacher at CHS.

icon Angela Washburn, "I grew up in Ash., and I was supposed to graduate from Ashtabula High in 91 but I moved to Fl. in 89."

icon Heather Callihan, ESHS.

As you can see, I am still compiling information, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me or Suggest-A-Link .

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