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MACS Award

MACS Level 5Welcome to the MACS Award headquarters. MACS stands for molecular and cellular sciences. This award was established because of a need for an award to recognize outstanding pages in this field.

The MACS Award comes in 5 levels, with a level 5 being the highest. Only the most deserving sites will receive the level 5 award. Even if you receive a level 1 award, you are above the "average" site. You may also reapply to upgrade your award after the site itself is upgraded. Each award is personalized to the site for verification purposes.


In order to receive the MACS Award, your site must:
  • Contain original material on chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, biology, materials science, or some other relevant area.
  • Contain no pornography, no copyright violations, and no illegal or offensive material.
  • Conform to the guidelines of your web service provider. [If your site is at GeoCities, it must meet the Content Guidelines.]

Judging Sites

Sites will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Content
  • Originality
  • Layout and Design
  • Ease of Navigation
by a team of reviewers in the field of interest. updated logo [If you are awarded a level 4 or 5 award, you will be invited to be a reviewer for the award.]


To apply for the MACS award, please proceed to the application page. We'll try to get back to sometime in the next week with the results of your application!


Please visit the sites which have received the MACS Award.updated logo

new logo new within 10 days of the last update.
updated logo updated within the 10 days prior to last update.

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