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Homepage Resources and Community Leader Information

If you have any more ideas, Suggest-A-Link.

Community Leader Recruitment I am also a volunteer Community Leader here in Cape Canaveral, so feel free to fill out the form below with questions about this site. I highly recommend visiting our Community Pages to find out general information on how CapeCanaveral is run. You will also find the application for Community Leader under that site. Please note that, although the community leaders work to help people in this area of GeoCities, we are in no way officially affiliated with Yahoo!Geocities. (They ended official recognition of the program in December 1999.)

If you can't find your answer among these resources, please see my help form below.

GeoCities Information and Utilities

icon System Status Announcements--The first place to check if something seems wrong with your site. If you aren't familiar with the things that have changed with the Yahoo!Geocities merger, check out the information center

icon GeoCities Help Pages--A good place to start with questions.

icon Page Content Guidelines--Remember those? You agreed to follow them when you signed up for your site here.

GeoCities Programs

icon For all of the programs, pages must meet the GeoCities Page Content Guidelines and be appropriate to the theme of their neighborhood.

icon GeoGuide Banner Exchange--Stop the POPS! Get advertising for your site!

icon GeoCities Community Leader Program Description for the CapeCanaveral neighborhood.

icon CapeCanaveral's Community Leader Application

HTML Information

icon Learn HTML By Example

icon Seniorchamp's Help for all things GeoCities, including GeoBuilder.

icon HTML Help here at GeoCities

icon MIWorld HTML Programming FAQ's

icon RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

Graphic Sources

icon Andy Art, one of the nicest collections of buttons and backgrounds I have seen yet.

icon Zitelli by Design

icon GeoCities Clip Art Collection

Advanced Design

icon WebMonkey, HotWired's site-building tutorials.

icon Open Studio, Netscape's site-building tutorials.

Use the form below to tell me what you need help with... or just what you think... Do not hit return after your entries!!!

Information collected from entries in this help form will be used by pcp, a CapeCanaveral CL, solely for the purposes of assisting Yahoo!Geocities homesteaders with their sites. YOU MUST BE 13 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO USE THIS FORM.

This form is sponsored solely by pcp.

GeoCities is not a sponsor of this form and is not involved with the homesteader contact pursuant to the rules listed here. If you have any questions, please contact pcp.

Your GeoCities Username

Your Name

Your Email Address (required for reply)

Your Homepage (required for help)

How did you find this place?

Please fill in the blank if so directed (I am just trying to track these things):

Select your reason for this inquiry:

In the space below, please explain your problem to the best of your ability.

Please note that it is currently taking me about 2 days to resolve help requests. If you don't hear back from me within 48 hours, please try again.

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