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PCP's Friends

Those who know me well, know that I dearly value all of my friends. Many of them have been around for a number of years. Some I don't see very often, but hearing their voices or receiving their mail does wonders for me. They are all special in their various ways. I have tried to collect some of them here. I've put them in a general chronological order of when I met them, and each time I update, I add a couple more. Enjoy them as much as I have.

Some of my friends with web pages:

icon Linda Barnum Well, I can honestly say that I have known Linda all of my life--she's my older sister, and a great one. Together we are building a set of pages about her dual existence as both a city woman and a country gal. new logo

icon Joe Beckenbach Joe is a friend of mine from our freshman year at Caltech. I will never forget his driving, that's for sure. He's currently living in the Bay Area and designing software and consulting. new logo

icon Evan Manning Evan graduated from Tech before I got there, but we still ended up being roommates (POSSLQs) after I graduated. Find out why and try out his great shareware game.

icon Gregg Harry Gregg's a friend of mine from way back at Caltech. He's currently a a postdoc at Syracuse--find out all about it. updated logo

icon Greg Vernon This Greg's an old friend from Relay (doesn't that date us?). He's a geographer by training, and he loves to travel. Find out more about him. updated logo

icon Rob Ferber Rob is another one of those people I met at Tech. I can't describe him nor can I keep up with his interests, so find out about his interest in herpetology, and a few other things.

icon Sue Lindley Sue and I met at Tech, too (notice a theme), but she was smart enough to work there. Now she and her husband run a printing company, and she does a lot of craft work. Go see some of it and learn about her athletic daughters, too.

icon Matthew Johnson Matthew got to Caltech after I had supposedly left. In spite of that, we've become good friends. Learn more about this ME grad student at UIUC.

icon Norman Aragones Another Babylon 5 fan, I met Norman when he was travelling across the country. Find out about his trip.

icon Robert Chesnavich While Norman was visiting, he decided to introduce me to his friend who lived down the street, FROM ME. Since then, Robert and I have gotten to know each other a little better. See what you think.

icon Chip Stark Chip just finished his Ph.D. in Pharmacology at Pitt. In spite of that, he's a great guy. *grin* He's off working in the real world now. See if he's added anything to his page lately.

icon Matt Fraser Matt's another one of those neuro people around here at Pitt. He's doing a lot of things in a lot of areas. Go find out about his research interests.

icon Murray Adams I met Murray through my sister when they worked together. Now he's spending a bit of time working with the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Michigan

Do you belong here? Have I missed seeing your site? May I suggest that you kindly sign my guestbook, and I'll get you on here where you belong.

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